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  1. The California lockdown means that that LL employees may not be able to focus on policing SL inworld. This is Christmas come early for griefers. Ebbe, as a former lieutenant of the very successful Second Life Police Dept. between 2009-2010, I would like to apply for emergency moderator / 'god mode' powers. With these, I can patrol SL and take action against abuses of TOS. I will be assisted by three colleagues, all of whom are well skilled in SL law enforcement and have sufficient, up to date HUDs to deal with troublemakers. Please DM me at your earliest convenience.
  2. Disbanding the misandrist forum knitting circle might be a start... Failing that, LL should at the very least lock down or remove the "I hate life" thread, IMO. Any male newcomers reading that would probably conclude that SL is just a hive for female hysteria.
  3. Enough garbage music on SL without adding (c)rap to the list.
  4. I'd happily pay twice that to slam the door on child AVs, noobs, furries, vampires, etc. If Second Life clubs have a problem it's that they're not exclusive enough - too many are happy to lower the tone for a brief spike in traffic.
  5. When I meet a female AV, I instantly ask for voice - or else mute and derender. Too many imposters make SL a catfish paradise.
  6. LL should clamp down more, or give its blessing to the formation of a new SLPD. I'm here if anyone from the Lab wants to discuss further. July 15 - 2am SLT - sniper in sandbox, dressed as Cl.Sanders, shooting at people with orbit gun. July 15 - 8pm SLT - girl at Hyannis Swamp offers me copybotted items for 100L
  7. Why not increase the upload fee for pics, textures, etc, to 25L for basic users?
  8. Where can I obtain a list of all accounts ever made with SL? I would like the names of everyone who has signed up. Just to be clear: I am NOT looking for surnames only, and am well aware of the existence of SLNamewatch. I want a list that gives me ALL players who have signed up, first name and last name, right from the start. Any help gratefully received.
  9. As lieutenant of the Second Life Police Dept. between 2009-2010 (Vance Buck) I can confirm that about 70-80% of all griefing we had to deal with was done by furries. It is no wonder they lost all credibility IMO.
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