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  1. Well, I apologize I guess. Didn't know how much worked in SL until I got settled down and actually explored for a while.
  2. Well, I meant as in the first text being from someone asking or begging for sex. I'm sorry, I should've been more clear.
  3. Hey, all. As the title already points out, I'm new to SL and working on finding my way around as best as possible. When it comes to working, it's freelance stuff. Which isn't very lucrative. But anyhow, I'm 21 years-old and frankly, despite adding friends or having been added, still feeling a bit lonely. So, if you feel like just going from club to club or shop to shop, or if you like RP (SFW/NSFW are both fine with me), anything fun and whatnot, really. I haven't exactly found a preference since I'm sure there's so much more I've yet to discover. But do feel free to add me, I'm generally a pretty respectful and talkative person, although maybe a bit awkward at times. In-world username is the same as my forum name here. I'll try to get back to anyone who sends a request ASAP. Male or female, straight or not straight, I'm open to anyone who at least have some sort of personality (please don't let the first words out of your mouth be "sex?") and aren't extremely rude or anything. And I only use text for the time being. Hopefully that's okay. Thanks, everyone.
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