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  1. Thanks again Callum, I'll have a look at it. Admin, this thread can be closed now.
  2. Hey Callum , Ofcourse I understand this is not really the intention of the game. But the graphic fidelity of the game is so bad ( okay, it has it's own style I guess). making scenes in game is kindof useless to me unless there would be a way to use a different render engine somehow .. you don't happen to know any way to do this by any chance ? Still love the game though and thanks a lot for your clear and quick answer
  3. Hi there, new to the forum. My name's Hier0nimus ig. I've been a second life and blender enthousiast for years already. But now I want to start combining these two interests. I usually make scenes in blender with meshes I download/buy other places. The meshes I buy I play with and modify at will. I would like to know how this works within the second life community , because I noticed a lot of meshes are 'forbidden' to modify or transfer. But it's still unclear to me what these things mean in this context. 1) If I buy a mesh from the marketplace. do I get the .dae file on to
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