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  1. Thanks Lillith! Well actually the owner of the sim is a good friend and she rebooted right after i had an issue. I was OK for 5 hours today then it happened and then I was able to visit Ville de Coeur (always OK so i rez there), Black hearts, Etosha and those clubs but not home, Calas, MadPea,... all my favorite sims. I checked the speed of my Internet and it is 60 - 100 Mbps and it is above the number Rolig told me. And never lower than 60. I don't know how well they cope with it but I submitted the ticket right now. Maybe I should ask my sim owner to do it if Linden people will lis
  2. Thanks so much for the pointer. I will try that today when my family member who are using the internet right now stop using that. I have been play for a year and never had the issue with the intent so I never doubted that. Thanks. At least there’s one thing I can try here.
  3. Here’s another message i had. it says I might have internet problem but I played Dungeons and Dragons, which is a heavy online game. and its attempt to connect me to Second Life somehow failed, too.
  4. Hi, thanks for quick responses. i can log or teleport to Ville De Couer or Octoberville all the time 100% then home, sometimes I can like one out of 10 times but I will be kicked in about an hour and can’t teleport there or log in there’s for a couple, hours i cannot enter Calas either (didn’t try that much but no success so far) the message says the sim you try to enter has some problem and there’s a window that has two options: View IM or Quit imdint knowmejat to do and thanks so much Yes dancing would be good but not sure if
  5. Hey. Well first when I was at home I got kicked. Then I was not able to rez. but since I went as far as region capabilities part, I tried different sims to log in. Then I was not able to rez in Calas but I was able to rez in Ville De Couer. Now I found a skybox where I can log and teleport and temporarily there but I got a wife and home in the sim I can’t access. so what should I do? Is there those issues and if I wait, time will solve it? Or should I report this to some people and have it solved? i need help,and I’d appreciate any pointer. Thank
  6. Glad I understand! Yeah hope I can do that but this is a tough society to upend. Well yes at least I’ll pretend to do that. That makes me feel better. And thank you for thr heads-up. I’ll keep that in mind. I have been wondering still it can happen but seems like it CAN happen and it will grow bigger than I think it will be. Yes, I’ll be careful.
  7. Thanks! Madelain, a good pointer. I also majored in American literature and I knew it has that issue (but a long time ago so not sure how it is now) so glad to get that reaction. Yeah, I agree. In a way, whichever road I take, it will happen. But since I live in a country like Japan atm and I am also troubled by the gap between Japanese culture and what I have inside me which clashes with it, sometimes it eats me. Yeah I know what regret does and I wouldn’t have done that if it were not for the internet but since I found Second Life and it might be still fantasy and a lot o
  8. I am originally from Japan. I was so attracted by American culture, its language and its people that I asked my American host parents to educate me as an American when I was in high school in MO, joined a graduate school in Vermont and lived in NYC a couple months a couple years ago. At one point, I had a choice to stay in the US for the rest of my life but I didn’t take it. In RL, I have to live in Japan atm and I still regret I didn’t take the other course. In SL, I want to live as an American (in a way, the road not taken). So I am looking for an American girl friend / partner who i
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