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  1. Ah, sad. The Linden Realms is one of my favorite spots. I don't even care about the gem/crystal cash out on it, it's just quite fun to run around and avoid the monsters and lovely to zone out playing it after a stressful day.
  2. Hi ^^ My name is Louise and I've recently in the past couple years gotten back in SL after playing it a lot back in my younger years. I'm 26 in the USA and I like a lot of things but some of my favorite things are kpop, jrock, mando pop, art, learning languages, cooking, exploring, and playing video games. My style is a mix of cute and spooky! I'm a bit shy but I'd love to make new friends on SL and chat with people who like similar stuff as well. I work a lot during the day so I'm usually online late at night EST time around like 12-3 am so you'll see me pop on usually around then. 😀
  3. I quite miss the old format 😪 the quests are fun in the new style but something about the last version was just a little easier on the eyes.
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