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  1. I totally love it! As a game it might get boring but it has juice for roleplay in SL. I've actually been looking for a regency sim...
  2. is this roleplay or work? In either case, I can be a barista.
  3. I rezzed on August 1, 2020... in a city called London. Had no idea what to do, did not find any kind souls to help me at first or any classes or newbie orientation and so I had to google all my questions. Thank you Master Google! Someone, at some point, provided me with a landmark to a tutorial at some Fairy Village I couldn't find again if I tried. Later, a wonky landmark from a package I bought took me to a medieval fantasy roleplay sim with some very nice people, but it was the middle of summer and no one was around and I didn't find out I could sign up until I met a demoness who sent me to
  4. I think I fit your requirements pretty well, and I had been thinking of doing a blog for SL either way. Must applicants contact you inworld?
  5. Are you still hiring? Very interested!
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