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  1. I was just trying to make a BENTO animation, and I found this while googling the reason why my avatar gets incredibly deformed when using my animations... It looks just fine in Blender, but whenever I export it it just turns into a mess. Please don't be angry with us, it's just REALLY fricking hard to get them working properly. By the way, yes, these are the same animations... Still searching for a way to fix this.
  2. I can definitely make an attempt! What are you looking for?
  3. I'm in need of a PG job (or at least a job where I wont be subject to nude models) because I live with my family and I don't wanna be showing off dicks to my christian family. rofl I haven't worked at a place in SL yet, but here's some stuff that I'm good at! Also my only avatar at the moment is a werewolf avatar that someone gifted me, but if I can use that or the default human models I am good to go. Working on saving up my monies, I have 21 Lindens LOL. I do animations. I actually work on a Toontown private server irl at the moment rofl. I have a music library filled with metal. Most of it has bad words though... I also know a lot of classical music because I used to play in an orchestra irl Friendly to all even if I'm in a bad mood. Best hosting skills. Can def be a waiter/waitress. Tech nerd has taken apart her computer and put it back together again way too many times. If ya need tech support I'm your gal (who plays a dude in-game because heck being a girl irl and in game) Can voice but only if I need to. I prefer not to because I am shy and also I got small doggos that bork a lot. Also I don't cuss because I don't want to. If you have any questions please IM me or reply to this. Whatever is most convenient. Thanks! ❤️
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