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  1. Spending some time with my sl mom/Bestie
  2. I personally prefer to play an adult avatar my same age irl. Although I did seek for a sl family and found a real connection with a few people there some of my best friends now irl and sl. I thought it would be kinda cool for the rp to age up into an adult every 3 months my avatar ages im now rping at age 16 and ill stop ageing when i hit 24. I can't really stand babytalk and an abundance of gestures. I think that is why I don't like child avis that much. Other than that I feel most people who play children probably use it how most people use roleplay to experience something they can't irl. A
  3. I love horses they just put in a equestrian area in Fox Hollow its a 8 sim modern rp commmunity. I am sure they wouldnt mind some avi horses moving in.
  4. I live in Fox Hollow it has a pretty active community. http://foxhollowsl.com/ Its a modern rp community based in North carolina it has a huge lake and everything from trailerparks to gatted communitys. I like it beacouse its pretty excepting of everyone no matter what there rp.
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