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  1. No, it's not feedback, which is what happens when your output feeds back into your input (speakers to mics) and it becomes a never ending loop of sound that builds to a brain shattering screech. What Callum is referring to is what, when I was doing vidoeconferencing professionally, we called loopback. It's what you get when you go to test your Voice in SL at Voice Echo Canyon. Or what you get when you try to listen to your own stream being transmitted in world. A delay of anywhere between a couple seconds and 20 or so before you hear yourself. Can be maddening. Corwyn
  2. Thank you Callum, that is precisely the kind of information I was looking for. Frankly I had given Teamspeak some thought and may have to try that out. One group I've been working with has been replacing Skype with Discord. Haven't really played with it a lot and don't know how much it differs from Skype with respect to lag between participants. Getting it in world is the big trick. And thank you for the offer of help. When I get to that stage in the process I may call on you. Thanks again. Corwyn
  3. Thanks Oz, but this topic isn't about fixing Vivox. It's about find more expansive uses of stream.
  4. Greetings, I am looking to solve several issues in SL vis a vis using streams to present stories read by multiple readers. Some background first. I have a stream in SL and have been a performing musician for some time now. I have also been doing extensive reading and acting in SL using voice via the SL and Vivox servers. This latter, the Vivox server, is becoming an issue as it is increasingly breaking down. It is becoming less reliable for our storytelling groups. Next, I have a fairly extensive technical background in RL as a network engineer and a video conferencing engineer that required knowledge of studio grade audio. I have had a home studio set up for a number of years prior to getting a stream in SL where I did voice acting and recording of audio books. I have a small mixer and a professional studio mic and headset. Now, on to the things I need more expertise in. First of all, what are some ways to troubleshoot a stream issue in SL. I pretty much know how to troubleshoot my own equipment (PC, mixer, et. al.) but am at a loss as to how to determine if a drop of the stream is a streaming service issue, a parcel issue, or an individual listening user issue. What are some methods streamers use to determine the source of a problem and ultimately its fix? Next, I have performed music with other musicians using stacked streams. This is not a viable option for readers as all the readers need to be able to hear each other, and in stacked streams only the last person in the stream, the one who is feeding their stream to the parcel, can hear everyone. Those farther up the stack can only hear those above them until the first person can only hear themselves and no one else. So I would like to know if anyone has been able to join multiple streams together so that everyone in the streamed group can hear everyone else. If so what are the lag issues you have dealt with. Have you used a third party software or service to accomplish this? If so, what sw or service? To end and clarify I need to be able to have two to ten readers on streams able to hear each other in order to read various parts together. Stacking is not viable. I also need to know what you're using to troubleshoot stream issues in SL. Thank you, Corwyn Allen
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