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  1. Sovereigns of Elyona does allow child avies but with some restrictions. They're a decent group though once you bounce through it. I do highly recommend Thaczil if you're looking for para-rp that allows for kids. They have a tonne of children there.
  2. Sovereigns of Elyona is relatively new but fairly active. Novus Ascending has been around longer
  3. What times are you around? Sovereigns of Elyona, a fantasy medieval RP sim has a decent group of late nighters. I can name at least four of us who are around nightly and we're always snagging people here and there.
  4. Hey, there! For fantasy sims there's a few I'd recommend. Sovereigns of Elyona is at the top of my list. Novus Ascending is a close second. They both have deep stories and lots of active players. There's a few others I can name if those don't float your boat. They're fantasy medieval 😃
  5. I also vote for Acacia Falls!
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