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  1. Looking to hire a graphic designer for a few RP sim projects. Projects include HUD textures as well as redesigning clothing and item textures for the sim. Please PM me in world at NiteTrix Resident.
  2. Sovereigns of Elyona does allow child avies but with some restrictions. They're a decent group though once you bounce through it. I do highly recommend Thaczil if you're looking for para-rp that allows for kids. They have a tonne of children there.
  3. Sovereigns of Elyona is relatively new but fairly active. Novus Ascending has been around longer
  4. What times are you around? Sovereigns of Elyona, a fantasy medieval RP sim has a decent group of late nighters. I can name at least four of us who are around nightly and we're always snagging people here and there.
  5. Hey, there! For fantasy sims there's a few I'd recommend. Sovereigns of Elyona is at the top of my list. Novus Ascending is a close second. They both have deep stories and lots of active players. There's a few others I can name if those don't float your boat. They're fantasy medieval 😃
  6. I also vote for Acacia Falls!
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