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  1. Somebody who not really care about them. Or not want to be involved. Like she. She just involved into this, because of her friend, as she explain it. You can see yourself that, just roll back a little. But i prefer to think, she knows that, just ask about if maybe there is some rules about it now. LL Never make a rule for that. They loose income if they do that step.
  2. Sim owners can do whatever they want. And their Staff teams are they expansion of they will. If you didn't obey their rules, you be banned. If there is an *****, who want to use and live with that Limited power, try to stay quite and nice. Or you will be banned how that happened in that example. Don't like it? Sad, but nobody care about it. Want to take the glove and fight against that? For what? Honor? You just make a really bad day for yourself. Let them enjoy their win, and that's all.
  3. Well.... its sounds logical. Because, if i think that through, display names only shows in game, or in chat. If you own something, there displayed to, but Account names are on the forums, on the site, marketplace, lots of places where its shown. Its not an easy task to do. Yes, you absolutely right Lady Jewell.
  4. Ahham. Well, thank you. You helps alot. Well... there a few weeks left from the year, they still can release them in these few weeks. Its not much, but still time, and enough for release something.
  5. Thank you for the link Clover Jinx. As i understand it correctly. They announce that patch, but still struggle and no info about when its came out. Maybe thy put it out for the Christmas time.
  6. Ahham... Thank you Lady Rhonda. That is all i wanted to know. Thank you for your informative answer. Have a nice day to you.
  7. Thank you for the answer my Friend. Iam talking about the in game Names. Iam play with the Second Life more than 10 years, just not feel anything can be important enough to start a topic in the forums. about that. But now, iam just want to change my Account name into something else. And i just see, i cant, and there is no option for that. So, that is why i decide to start a conversation about this. Maybe there is some other peoples who want that to. I dont know, so i ask.
  8. Hello fellow SL users! I just want to make a friendly topic about, how many peoples here want to change their Account Name into something else? And if there is many users thinking about that, maybe we can make a petition to Linden Lab about that option. To let the guys know we want that, and they give us an option to do. Any trolling comment will be reported asap. Please stay in the LL rules and not break any of them. Thank you!
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