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  1. Kendall9988

    SL out of the box

    bright was good but not anymore cant really use it for long i use a cloud gaming company called shadow its the same but with no limits on what you can do and its far more powerful and more features then any other service to date downside only cert en states can use it right now there in the process of rolling it out to everywhere ill leave the discord and site you can check them best of luck to you https://shadow.tech/usen https://discord.gg/KRafPYV
  2. Kendall9988

    SL Boundaries?

    i truly hope things go well for you two i been in sl for years and i should have left it long ago i thought me and my rl wife had a understanding and she started to act odd hide things not want me in the room when she was on sl and a year later she left me for someone that she said was just a sl crush these things can be touchy subjects and sl itself can ruin or make lives wonderful if your not careful best two both of you
  3. Kendall9988

    1/2 sim and 2 1/4th halfs each 20k

    limited sell today only both 1/4th parcels 16k each
  4. Kendall9988

    1/2 sim and 2 1/4th halfs each 20k

    the 1/2 is sold still have 2 1/4ths for sale
  5. I have a 1/2 sim for 20k and I have 2 1/4ths each for 20k and the land is almost all flat and good texture buy them all have a full sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malrif/127/128/31
  6. Kendall9988

    16384 Protected water sailing

  7. Kendall9988

    16384 Protected water sailing

    price drop 70k make me an offer ill accept most as long it dont go below 50k
  8. Kendall9988

    4096 2x protected water parcel

  9. i have a 16384 Protected water sailing parcel for sell it connects into the Jeogeot Gulf sea parcel is priced at 80k will consider reasonable offers send kendall9988 resident a im if you'd like to buy wanted to post pics but it wont let me so you will have to go inworld to see it its worth it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caragana/41/104/24