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  1. Still available I'm me in game for price posted here.
  2. Beautiful view and location for adult land just one 1024 parcel away from grids edge. I'm really on the edge about selling this parcel. It has so much potential and so many things can be done here. If I wasn't looking to buy a bigger land I would keep it for myself. If you don't like the street club idea no problem just send it all back and you have a great palette for your imagination to go wild. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazonby Pass/206/83/56 I lowered the price because I want my bigger sim so I'm trying to sell this fast but I can't go any lower. If I must keep it I must
  3. Reduced 35K One Day Sale. Will Go back up to 40K Nov 12 2020.
  4. GREEN OCEAN VIEWS! 40K Keep everything to use as long as you like or send it all back. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lazonby Pass/196/126/83
  5. Ok land is back up for sale. I really need a bigger sim and found one I would like to purchase. I will let this go for 25k. I can nolonger include objects because of the rentals and a few other things that are not my creations. But whoever buys it will most likely want to decorate with their own things any way. IM me with any question.
  6. No longer for sale. I fixed it up like a mini resort and put 3 little beach rental units up tops for people wanting a place to sail from, 2 units already rented out and I only have one left.
  7. This 3072 sqm parcel is in Corsica at the end of a Protected Linden canal and has protected water access allowing you to sail all the way down to Nautilus and the Blake Sea. 30K I’m reposting this because of major changes. I did a build for the land because if it doesn't sell in the next week I’m going to keep it. I created everything on the land so I could transfer it all to the buyer. So all objects you see on land are included in sale. The House with pouch is 32x32 and will fit any 1024 land. The front door and front room door are both kool doors and you can set the permi
  8. This sim is absolutely beautiful. The way you have it set up it would be like living in your own little private corner of the world with access to everything you need. You are a very talented creator. If I could afford it I would have brought it without a second thought.
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