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  1. Looking for some sort of connection either it be just Friendship, Family, Or something more I am open to anything. Not looking for drama (though sometimes it can be hard to avoid) or to be told things that just aren't true I am 100% open and honest I expect the same in return. Looking for people who doesn't play head games, who is honest & up front. I'm really shy why first meeting people but that changes as time time goes on.

    If you're one who wants to mix SL & RL I can do that within reason. I can voice but not right off the bat have to feel comfortable I'm very shy when first meeting but if need be I can verify that I'm actually a female in rl.

    Guess that's it. It's sounds more like an ad I know lol should also add that I play some online games like Guild Wars 2 and one other just can't remember the name of it at the moment if that's also an interest to anyone.

    Feel free to contact me in world (constance00 resident)

    Hope everyone is staying safe out there




  2. Didn't really see the issue type I was looking for because mine is more of a question. I was wondering why Florida isn't allowed to get into skilled gaming sims because I read this 

    "Although Florida is home to one of the healthiest brick and mortar gambling industries, it does not authorize, manage, or regulate any online casinos. Residents of the Sunshine State can either travel to a nearby land-based gambling establishment or try their hand at the casino-style alternative with online skill games. Unlike slots and most casino table games, skill games are interactive puzzle games that test knowledge and speed. All skill games are legal to gamble on for real cash."


    From that I thought florida would be allowed to access them seeing as it's called a skilled gaming sim. Just wondering why we can't is all. Thanks for your time.

  3. Hello. My husband and I are looking to buy some costumes for Halloween but I can't find many places that make any. If anyone knows of any places we could check out it would be great preferably clothes for mesh bodies like Maitreya and Signature. Thanks in advanced and Happy Holidays.



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