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  1. There should be a free AI taxi service on SL. A bot should pick you up in the cab and you select where on the map you want to go.
  2. It's the X-Y variable - if it's pushed above 90 it can disrupt the string.
  3. The tea, but I was forced to sign a NDA.
  4. I've been invited to King Catrick's castle for tea and Ferrero Rocher with his neko daughter. What recommendations do you have regarding etiquette, dress, subjects of acceptable conversation (ie, coronavirus?), whether or not to smoke, etc.
  5. #1. Brett Anderson, vocalist with Suede.
  6. A fascinating snapshot of SL exactly 10 years ago
  7. The incredible Gamers Brand. Box contains: * Confederate flag t-shirt with SECURITY on the back * Rolling Stones lips logo t-shirt * Tactical police orbit shotgun * Rainbow rave glow-sticks * Woman's pink leather jacket * Resell kiosk (for Gamers Brand affiliates) * Bag of 783 scripts * 'Joke smoke' porno-moaning-sounds-on-a-loop cigarette * Kawasaki SL400 super-fast motorbike * Notecard listing popular furry bondage clubs * Lady Gaga wig * Flight feather * 487 food items * "Seduce him" neon-lime lipstick tattoo
  8. There's an estimated $500 million RL dollars sitting in residents' accounts, in the form of Linden dollars, combined. So if the investors pay $200 million for total control of LL, they could shut down SL and just take everyone's money for a $300 million profit. Maybe time to consider cashing in...!
  9. I guess an impassioned cry from a tragic emo youth failed to quell the violence and bring us all together. You forum users are SO cynical. So I will end this thread by saluting Vanna Venom, the greatest emo who ever lived. When we take power, we will crown her Queen Of The World (And The Moon).
  10. THE singularly most important video of the millennium - and possibly the most important moment ever in youth culture. Think some people in the world need to rewatch this...ASAP...
  11. I've created a tip jar script which will provide the following messages: TIP OF 500L or more > Thank you for your patronage! Your tip is highly appreciated. TIP OF 100L-500L > Guess you must be having a lean month...thanks anyway, but maybe lay off the Gacha sales! TIP OF 100L or less > Think someone needs to log off and reconsider their life choices.
  12. The pound sterling has just gone up!!! 1 GBP = 1.34745 USD
  13. I saw him earlier he was in Campello!! He is back on SL...will the old mayhem return
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