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  1. I have the same issue and it just popped up today after the restarts. Rebooting your modem will more than likely NOT solve the issue. Try clearing just your inventory cache. Relog and let the inventory rebuild. If you remain a cloud for more than a few minutes then remove your entire current outfit by right clicking on your Current Outfit folder and selecting "Remove From Current Outfit". This should remove everything except your shape, eyes, skin and brows (all but required avi components). Then re-add everything. If your originals are still showing as unfound, then copy your back-ups and
  2. I am a hard core gamer for the most part however, I don't come on SL to be competitive. As I get past middle age in RL, I find the gaming world as a whole becoming more and more toxic and socially dysfunctional every day. I come on here for the fun of flying and sailing around the grid and seeing all the very creative and imaginative ways that people have built their parcels and sims. I do play GTFO just to get around the grid to see some places you might otherwise just pass on by. Even though I am RL BDSM lifetstyle, I could care less about it on SL. It really doesn't interest me
  3. The high complexity avi's running 756 scripts that come into an airport sim and park themselves there. The bottom feeders that you see hanging out on the bottom of public waterway sims 24/7 and immediately back there after restarts. The same bottom feeders parked in a rez zone in those public waterways (makes you wonder if they are up to no good). And my biggest pet peeve - Stubborn people who don't know how to properly use an orb nor follow the rules of orbs. Instant eject should be banned! Like me flying over their parcel at 300 meters in a matter of seconds or lagging into thei
  4. Yes Marianne, we fly a few times a week. I have several aircraft, but that helicopter is my favorite since I am an ex Naval Aviator RL. I also have several boats, but the three pictured are the ones we use most.
  5. You know, I might have cycled through that setting just to see the changes. I have since deleted the objected and flushed it. I will mess around with that though on my next practice build.
  6. We just rented a parcel up in Rurik. I cleaned it all off and put this on. Front view coming in from ocean: https://gyazo.com/617c4375b5929b5b97c7820c19eb2f20 Backview: https://gyazo.com/04963678fc3940db93bcaef54b25d8d4 Living room: https://gyazo.com/5784277197b6a3e473acd3fcbcaecdb9 Ktichen (stolen from one of my other houses....LOL) https://gyazo.com/d5fe4d3f86502c3427a9264623611424 I will post some others as we finish the rooms up
  7. Thank you Lindal. That link was very helpful for me. As for the simple table, I inspected the table and found only the two linked cylinders. When looking at each prim individually, they are both same path cut is 0 and 1 , taper is 0-0, slice 0-1and everything else is 0. I just remade it again and compared the two. Both are exactly the same size, one is 2LI and the other is 9LI. I inspected both objects and found one difference. in the TMem tab, both numbers were the same for the root prim, but on the second prim, the numbers were very different. One read 768 and the other read 1152.
  8. Hello Everyone! I am not new to SL, but I have recently started to take an interest in building objects. I understand the basics but something has happened with a simple two prim table I was working on. By simple, I mean simple...I started with two cylinders, stretched them both to the dimensions I wanted, and linked them together. After I had linked them, the LI unexplainably went from 2LI to 9LI. I added nothing as far textures go. I just tinted the default wood texture before linking. I also tried changing the Physics Shape Type from Prim to Convex and None with no change in LI.
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