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  1. Recently various folders from my inventory, including the photos, textures, sounds and favorite folders, as well as some from things i had bought, had been gone after i crashed and relogged, when the crash ocurred the program was not responding, which is very usual to me, i decided to force close and end the process of the program to relog faster, after that its when i noticed random folders from my inventory totally empty, nothing on the trash bin or in lost and found, i had reloged various times now and cleared cache of my inventory, but nothing, i dont know if all those things missing are
  2. And like those there are many other places that have them that go around second life?
  3. I still dont get why i keep seeing them on the sims i go, and sometimes on the same sim where i live too
  4. those bots are able to go into people's homes more than one time? and have just some random made up name?
  5. if they are survey bots they would try talk to me, and they dont, and i dont have other but my partner on my friend list
  6. they dont do anything, just arrive at the sim and leave after a few seconds, but its the fact that it has happen more than two times already that im getting this feeling about it
  7. yes they had been on somewhere i never been twice, and thanks i would check my all attachments
  8. I know i haven't show any prove, but its just something too odd that keeps on happening, second life its too big on sim to keep seeing the same people getting into sim i am or that i go to, the same people trying to get in where i live and then going to the places i visit that i never shared.
  9. thank you for your answers, but that still doesnt explain me how they keep finding where im going if im not telling anyone else about it.
  10. This is from my previous ask, but now i want to ask if there is anyone else having this same problem like i am, (weeks ago some intruders came to the skybox i live in a couple of times, and since then i been encountering them on sims i search for or ones i usually go, i dont share where i go or talk to anybody on those sims i go, i dont have any weird object on me and didnt accept any from anyone since this had happen) if anyone else had saw the same people over and over, they seem to be alts or bots, since they have nothing on profile and have a few weeks of age of difference.
  11. Well, thank you, i still believe there is more to it or something fishy going on behind it, but thank you anyways.
  12. I don't talk to people around the places i go or tell anyone else about those places, i know i should just ignore them but i can't when it happens, thats why im asking if there is a way people do that, i've been friends long ago with people that have alts and that are not my friends anymore, so im a bit paranoid that it could be them or just some people following where i go to mess with me
  13. They dont do anything, they only show up and go away when they see me, i haven't worn or accepted anything from anyone strange before this happened, i don't share or give clues to where i go either, it still bothers me, i don't know if there is a way to stop this or something.
  14. Okay, i didn't know sorry, just all this had frustrated me a lot
  15. Recently there has been some people that had been showing up on the sim i go, this had happen weeks ago when they got inside the skybox i have as home, a few times they kept going in and now i kept seeing them on sims i either regulary go or sims i look for, i want to know if there is a way that these people could be following me around without me knowing or something of the source. If any have an idea of how this is happening i would appreciate it a lot.
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