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  1. My SL sister brings me back each time, she recently started playing again and asked me to come back and so I did, I have 3 stores on 3 different accounts (all 3+yrs old) and my partner has 2 stores on his alt accounts, all the lindens from sales goes into my bank alt so after a couple months of not playing I have some fun money that I use to update my character. Once I do jump back on though I realise how much I missed playing and 'hoeing' it up, but if my SLister isn't online it's usually not as fun, all my other siblings are high profile creators so they're always busy with events so I usually end up exploring or hoeing ?‍♂️
  2. I've been in the family RP world almost my whole SLife, I've had 5 lost of parents and it always went bad and always because I would take breaks from SL even though we always keep in contact in RL (line, messenger, text etc) it just didn't work out. Now I only have my siblings, 1 is my RL husband and we've been playing SL together for 10yrs now (didn't meet on SL) 1 we had from our 3rd family, have known her for 8yrs now and she is pretty much our sister and the other 3 are from our last family, known them for 3yrs and are very close with them as well, we all talk IRL and keep in contact when we take breaks. Some have parents, I don't and neither does my partner. As for extended family, one of our families where we met our 1st sister, she was actually our cousin to begin with, and it was great, I love the idea of extended family. Never had an issue with the whole thing, not yet anyway
  3. the first character I made when I was 15 which was 2005, back when bling was popular and still thought of as cool and flexi hair was the best thing ever, textured clothing, I don't even think sculpties were around back then. But I took a break and made a new character in 2007 and have been active since then with a few short breaks here and there and maybe 10 characters all up, I remember my login of my frist character still but his account is now deactivated and our of all the characters, 5 have stores on marketplace that are all very out dated, and all 5 still bring in revenue
  4. Well that does make sense, I think I just didn't think this through that much, I think what I should be thinking about is the how's and why's rather than the outcome. I think I fit in the role of character, I mean I will talk RL with my siblings every now and then, but even then Tyler is he douche bag big brother who will bully them and if we're going off sim I will keep up that character, unless they're not around, then Tyler's just your regular weird homo exploring sims and meeting new people lol
  5. I think, the most I've been paid for sex as an escort was $1k and I like to think I'm bloody excellent at the whole thing so now I'm starting to think I got ripped off.. then again now I think about it I did see one of the guys at the club when I was working he got paid like $10K but I figured it was just cause he voiced or something..
  6. So as I'm exploring sims if I ever happen into a strip club I always take an application 'just in case' Anyway, the last 2 applications that I took have left me gob smacked. They both had Minimum rates, one I guess seemed reasonable $200L topless $L1000L nekkid and $L2000 for sex right, but then this other one I'm looking at.. starts off reasonable, $L1000 nekkid right, $L1500 for a lapdance/cuddle, okay okay.. Escort 15min $L2000 1hr.. $L6000 ... Boyfirend experience.. $L11000 per hour? Do people actually pay for this kind of thing?! When I was working as a dancer it was like $800 get nekkid $1500 lets hump for a while but $11000 per hour to hang out chat and hump.. seriously? even the $6k one seems like a stretch to me.. like, there are sims where you can go, walk up to some rando, IM and say something along the lines of "hey, horny?" and BAM free sex.. am I missing something?
  7. you've given me quite a bit to think about, so has everyone who has IM'd me or sent me a PM on the forums, almost everyone is asking me how much I'm willing to pay them to do this which to me makes no sense since I'm asking for purely RP purposes, nothing needs to be brought in order for this to work unless you don't have the mama allpa HUD in which case I don't see why someone would agree to it and I already have a zooby baby with all the works. I guess I can see why it wouldn't be fun for the woman, I just thought it'd be funny if we had to break the news to our families (her parents my siblings) but I mean, I could use an alt to birth my child, just wouldn't be anywhere near as fun as a real person lol
  8. I'm not gonna touch on the whole RP thing since so many have already talked about it.. But I do see where you're coming from with the whole lying thing, I get really annoyed when someone I've spoken to a few times and maybe hooked up says I love you, I just ignore it tbh lol I only have a few people in SL I will say that too and that's a couple of my siblings that have been apart of my SLife for almost 8yrs. We talk on the phone and if one of us takes a break we all still stay in contact on our other games. As for the "Did you **** in RL" I just say yes lol, yeah sure, It was so good I need to go have a smoke now ? A couple people spoke about the whole RL/SL Separate, which I feel I do, but mainly, I'm not going to voice w you, during sex or during normal time and I ain't sending you no pictures of myself or giving you my RL facebook or my RL name, other than that i'll talk about work or general stuff like that but I only mic with family and only one of my siblings has my RL FB, i think they all have my instagram though lol ?‍♂️ I mean if you don't want to lie, then don't. I usually don't unless it's to get out of a situation I really don't want to be in or it's sex cause I know they'll be happy thinking I got off when really I'm laying in my bed patting my cat w my boyfriend on his computer next to me living his best SLife
  9. I mean if ya'll want shoes I could get you some sculpty shoes with bling and clacky noises, but thats the best I can do ?‍♂️
  10. lol I mean, Maternity clothes seems life a more reasonable request and so does food and diapers ??
  11. lol I mean we can role play it but I'm not buying shoes ?
  12. So I have an idea for a RP that I want to do but it's a little bit Risque if you will so bare with me here.. Okay so, a little back story before I delve into this whole thing.. I have been involved in family RP for years on SL, I started out way back in the day before mesh where it was weird to be a tiny avatar, but then Toddleedoo came out which was amazing, anyway so I started as a youngling and then very slowly grew up into a child, teen and now I'm an adult. I've had many families (4) on SL but through all of them I have kept the same siblings (one is my RL husband so can't get rid of him that easily) anyway.. In our family once I hit the teen years I was a bit of a rebel, but I was a closeted homo (I'm gay irl) and when I did finally come out to my SL Parents they spat the dummy and we have since parted ways BUT and here's where it gets interesting.. I was thinking, how fun would it be to RP having a baby with some girl I met at the club??? I know.. Crazy, so I have the mama allpa HUD (Male version ofc) and was tossing around the idea of maybe getting some girl pregnant, we could go to the doctors together and do all that good stuff, get checkups and all that jaz.. and if you had a family we could break the news to them! As I said I no longer have a family other than my siblings so we would have to break it to them, but I think this could be very fun, we could have just one baby and go our separate ways after the birth or we could have twins or shared custody.. anyway, this was just my idea and I think it would make for some good RP.. So I'm looking for a female with the mama allpa HUD who wants to RP having a baby with a gay guy who is fresh out the closet but in denial, IDK how the mama allpa hud works, I think we would have to have sexy time, I'm terrible when it comes to RP sex with females so we can just do what ever there, but I look good so you won't be disappointed lol.. If you're interested hmu in world Seth Saeed
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