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  1. So at one time there were AFK sex places all over and in the past several months I have noticed that many have shut down.There were lots of lindens being made by the afk girls. Was this just a fad that is dying out? Is there some new thing thats taking its place? Any ideas what happened there?
  2. Thank you all very much for your replies. I try in my RL to life to live it with honesty and integrity and have struggled with these issues in SL. I just couldnt bring myself to lie, because RP or not some things I find too sacred to "pretend" (saying I love you, for one). It appears that being dishonest about important topics isnt required a in SL so I'll just continue to be honest and not indulge inappropriate, out of character, RL questions. Thanks again to all that replied
  3. Actually Syo, while my avi is a little older, you are correct in your assumptions about my RP xp. It is very limited. I also agree that the SL sex wasnt RP, to the other person, but it was to me. Im just unsure how to deal with it in the future
  4. I am trying to find out thoughts and feelings of others in the community about lying during RP. Is it okay? Normal? Expected? etc. As a general rule and a matter of conscience and character I believe in 100% honesty in my RL. But does SL count the same way? For example, if a character in SL tells me "i love you", do I say it back simply because I know thats what they want to hear, or do I only say it if I in fact love them? If immediately after SL sex, someone asks me, "did you ***** in RL", and I didn't, do I say yes, because thats what they want to hear? I would just like some feedback on how others handle situations like this and possible ways to deal with them in the future.
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