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  1. Love this! Does the hair come with the hat or is the hat something separate? Please tell me where you got this
  2. That is a fantastic idea, thank you so much!!!!
  3. Thank you very much! I will do just that!
  4. Thank you so much Alwin! I have a little parcel of land that I am using my tier for but I have been thinking about the new linden homes. I want to get rid of my parcel and get one of those but wanted to make sure of those things before I went ahead and gave up my plot. Thanks again 😁
  5. Hello all, this is my first post within the forum so I hope that my post will be okay. In the event that I do ever get a Belliseria home, are you able to put something up in the sky above your home? Like if I wanted to have a platform up high in the sky above my house, can I do that? Another question: Is there anyplace that someone could go and look at the homes with their avatar to see if they would like to own one? I have looked at the pictures on the "Get your home now" page but I would prefer to actually be able to look around inside the house myself. Where might a person be able to do that?
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