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  1. Hello, I have been watching this for quite a while and considered taking a job in one of these AFK sims, as there are sadly not a lot of jobs in SL to get L$ to get started with as SL is a very very expensive hobby it seems. Just getting a basic avatar seems to cost 50-60 $ already, not counting in expenses for shopping, buying furniture or a house. Are there actually any girls making enough L$ with this AFK doll thing? Its a serious question, because I have been in a lot of sims and looking at the girls there and the amount of L$ they spent on their avatars, but the tip jars of most of the girls are just empty all the time Do you work as AFK Model? What is your experience? How much do you make per day/week/month (averages, no exact)? How much does it COST you to do this job? Tier/rent, electric power costs? How much power does your computer draw? Any advises on how to increase the tips? What type of avatar yields most L$ with your clients? I ask because I want be sure to get it right and make enough to justify the investment of >=50$ for buying initial stuff for my avatar so I can keep playing SL afterwards without investing 100s of $ every year
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