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  1. On 12/23/2018 at 2:42 AM, Candice LittleBoots said:

    You are all losers! .. Who wants to be a loser like you?  << Is that what SL outsiders are thinking?

    I spend an inordinate number of hours per week logged into Second Life, but nobody I know in the real world knows that I do that. Perhaps a few here and there to whom I've mentioned it to in the past, but I could count them on my thumbs. I never talk about SL in RL. It's as if it's my dirty little secret, almost embarrassing to mention. 

    Second Life, in my opinion, outside of itself and its associated peripheral existences on fora, blogs, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook etc.  is considered naff and untrendy by the outsiders. At least that's how I've begun to feel for a number of years. A game to which only lonely people with no real life gravitate and sexual perverts lurk in order to get their thrills and fulfil abnormal desires.

    Because the attraction of Second Life is not easily explained to outsiders makes it an easy target for mocking, for the reasons mentioned above. This often makes me wonder if I am alone in keeping my dirty little secret to myself out there in the real world, in order not to be labelled a loser.

    Lol yes I don't talk about SL in RL either hahaha. It's where I go to when I'm on my own, want some time to chill and hang out with my friends online. I'm a bit of an introvert so I do just like my space, SLs a good opportunity for that lol. Yeah there are things that give SL a bad rep sadly. Bloggers for example though do help give SL a better rep though. Some people are even getting into vlogging in SL too. I think if people shared their positive experiences more it would help a lot. 

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  2. 43 minutes ago, Talligurl said:

    I am not trying to restrict your free speech, you are free to express your wrong opinions all day long, just realize that when you express a wrong opinion, people are going to tell you. That is how the truth is advanced through free speech. People say wrong things, other people correct them.

    Lol what exactly is wrong about my opinion that Rape RP isn't beneficial in SL? If anybody can't live without Rape RP in SL. Well you do you, but I wouldn't go boosting about it.

  3. As I said earlier. If there wasn't such a need to seek perfectionism. You wouldn't be arguing lol. For some reason your comments shown to me again, maybe I un-ignored but... no don't start your preaching @Selene Gregoire cause you're one of the rudest and selfish in this forum from how you treated me and others. Did nothing wrong to you and you treated us as your enemy drawing attention to yourself with the ignorance of "come back when you had 45 years". I'll have you know with friends of mine and family put together I have more years then you have for yourself, but that's the point really. You can't see past that it's not just you that's effected. So rather then gaslighting ~ even with the classic "your crazy" line that gaslighters use. Take a bit of responsibility for yourself and think about someone else for a change. Re-muted. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Klytyna said:

    You have clearly demonstrated a fascist attitude to the opinions of others several times in this thread, stating that your demands are fascist, is nt an assumption, nor is it sterotyping.

    You foolishly assume I'm trying to get a point across to YOU...

    I'm not.

    You have already stated earlier in the thread that like most proponents of fascism you are not here to listen to opposing opinions.

    So, why would I WASTE my time trying to get a point across to YOU, when it's more productive demonstrating just how much of a potentially dangerous fascist you are, to OTHERS so they won't support your ill-advised "Moral Crusade".

    Oh look! The CLASSIC Stereotypical "You DARE to disagree with my crap therefore you must be ANGRY and can be ignored" BS. Quite apart from the assumption that anything said by an angry person has no value, which is utterly fallacious by the way, you are the one making allegations and assumptions here.

    You don't rate high enough to make me angry... I've been made angry by PROFESSIONAL Crap Talking BS Merchants.

    If you dislike being talked down to by me, STOP talking out of your arse.


    Lol yeah course your not making assumptions/stereo typing lol. I haven't once said don't you dare disagree with me or anything lol. I've even said to you you don't have to agree. I'm just suggesting you're less aggressive with this. You don't have to be like. Lol I don't really care if you try talk down to me really, I'm just pointing out if you clearly are getting so mad at responses yourself... try treating others as you wanna be treated yourself. 

    Last response from me. You go ahead and think what you like. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Klytyna said:

    MY "awareness" says the three of you  are talking pretentious "Moral Crusader" Drama-Llama BS, pushing a FASCIST ideology, where YOU, the the SELF APPOINTED members of the SELF CREATED "Committee for the Moral Improvement of SL", the "Concerned Citizens" want the Authorities to "share" your "concerns" with draconian enforcement that WILL blow back and affect a whole bunch of us who have NOTHING to do with THIS WEEKS pet hate of the Committee members.

    We've seen this sort of thing so many times over the decades, in RL as well as online, jumped up self appointed "street hitlers" in Neighbourhood Snitch Committees warning everyone to "shun" that couple at no.57 because they painted their front door the wrong colour, and most people pretending to do so for fear of the wrath of the self appointed street hitler.

    Mary Whitehouse and her "National Viewers & Listeners Association" who tried repeatedly to basically BAN 75% of television here in the UK before the out of touch old fascist died.

    The govt. here once tried setting up a "hotline" where "concerned citizens" could "share their awareness" about evil websites that people shouldn't have access to. The scheme got dropped when it was discovered that the No.1 "must be banned website" reported by the "Concerned Citizens" was "The Terrence Higgins Trust", a registered charity that provides care for people dying of HIV/AIDS.

    Oh trust me when I say many of us here know ALL about "Concerned Citizens Sharing Their Awareness of Issues That Surely We All Agree On".

    Fascist little bigots grinding their own axes with NO thought for the rest of society, and NO awareness of the bigger picture, and worst of all, NO concern for the blowback side effects of their ill-considered plans to enforce their own personal HATE speech.

    And if you consider disagreeing with you to be a "personal attack", meh, that's a problem with YOUR ego, not our disagreement.

    And again, assumptions, patronising, stereo typing. You're not gonna get any point across if you are aggressive. Talk to me when you calm down.  Not here to be accused of things nor talked down too by you. I also haven't provided any hate speech. If me stating that rape which effects people for life isn't a good thing and in my opinion would be beneficial to be revised in SL, is hate speech to you. Well that's just your opinion. 

    Didn't state anywhere disagreeing with someone is a personal attack lol. Hence the quote I made "we can agree to disagree". 

  6. 29 minutes ago, Bliss Rembrandt said:

    You should be able to see adult content with out automatically seeing all the rape play.  And I have a problem with people just shrugging it off because it's "not real". A real person developed this role play, and put it in an inappropriate setting deliberately. That's *****ed up. A real person or people wrote the script. Real people are lurking in these areas and donating to these places and I don't want to be near them. I don't need to hear all the misogynistic abusive rhetoric in SL. Someone assumed I was into this because I was on SL and had the adult settings on. Here, I'll come back with some quotes and see if any of you can stomach it. I'm somewhat desensitized to it because of my RL experiences, which were horrific and I don't need to relive in VR.

    I'm sorry to see about your experience by the way. Not impressed by that myself either. Guess just from what I know, you could block the people, never go there again. Even worth reporting cause it seems like its just abusive. Not that I'm condoning this RP at all cause I just don't, it disgusts me. However, they've not asked you out of character at the farrr far minimum if you are here to RP that. It kinda comes across to me that they was just being abusive and not RPing when they was talking to you.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Klytyna said:

    Ahhh... That old old chestnut of an argument...

    "I am a REAL female in SL, and any female in SL who doesn't automatically agree with my poorly conceived, poorly educated rant is OBVIOUSLY NOT a REAL female, but a MALE in disguise because ALL REAL FEMALES will ALWAYS agree with ME..."

    Yeah... all I can say is you have obviously never been to a large RL Fetish Club..., There are REAL females around who fantasise about being kidnapped and raped. You might find that repellent, I find it repellent, but they exist, in small numbers. It's a recognised minority fetish.

    But... You are one of those fascist types who refuses to accept that not every woman in the world is like you or agrees with you.

    This is your SL educational opportunity...

    There are real women in SL who think that you and a couple of others here, talk out of your ass, and that what you are saying is fascist ideology, and dangerous.

    This IS a grown up discussion...

    Some of the Grownups think you talk crap, and don't agree with it.

    If you WANTED a discussion where everyone agreed with you and told you how wonderful you were for saying what you said, you should have bought a toy puppet theater, and learned to throw your voice.

    You didn't, so sorry to disappoint you by not being your mindless sycophantic clone.


    Or maybe like most people, she is mature enough to speak out against something that's so wrong. You don't have to agree of course. This has become immature at times though with many assumptions and personal attacks just for someone sharing a concern out of awareness. 

    I'm not really trying to be insulting but the responses at times its like talking to someone who is still finding themselves therefore will have an open mind about "anything" that isn't properly understood, or what an outcome of something could be before happening. You either know something is wrong and wont try to justify your point to anybody who doesn't agree, or you'll just say ok I don't agree. There is such as thing as agreeing to disagree, even trying to understand rather then rage at/patronise people. 

    Lets stop treating this like its a contest or even interrogation... for a start. Stop raging, stop getting annoyed when someone doesn't agree with you, stop with the name calling/stereo typing etc... Doesn't have to get aggressive this matter. It can be talked about without trying to one up anybody. 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, Talligurl said:

    In a discussion of whether rape simulation should be banned, the broader discussion of what other activities should also be banned cannot be avoided. It is not going off topic to discuss this. I am not advocating banning anything. I say simulations are not the same as the thing simulated, they are a form of speech about the thing. The cause of truth is NEVER served by restricting free speech.

    Then don't try restrict our free-speech of our opinion of whether rape RP is acceptable in SL. 

  9. 18 minutes ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    The topic wasn't about whether non-consent roleplay is a good thing or not; but whether it should be banned. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread has indicated that this kind of roleplay is bad; just most think that people should be allowed to do that bad thing with others that share their interests. Bringing up other things that some people think is bad but most people don't think should be banned is still on topic, it's just an analogy to help you to see their point of view.

    I know what the post was about... I agree that it should be banned even myself. Sorry I didn't meet your standards in my wording lol... Maybe I will try to do all the extreme perfectionism you do yourself. 9_9

    Anyway, with both those "topics" then, yeah SL would be a more positive place without these things. Everybody here is aware of what goes on in RL, SL for many is an escape/for entertainment from RL, so with that said, why should something negative be in SL? I can certainly live without it and I'm sure these people "for rape RP" could aswell, and if they can't, that this rape RP is all their SL revolves around, then I don't think its a healthy way to spend time nor is something to turn a blind eye too.

  10. 8 hours ago, Talligurl said:

    Who decides what is acceptable and what is not? I personally think abortion is murder, should simulated abortion be banned based on my opinion that it is wrong? 

    Ok your point is understood. But the topic in the first place was about rape rp in SL. There's so many topics that could be had about what we think is wrong or right, likely be never ending though. If you feel abortion rp in SL is a problem then thats fine to speak up. Butt doesn't mean to say we can't keep on topic about this issue? 

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  11. Hoping people did have a nice Christmas, even if you do see me as your enemy which I'm not lol! 

    P.s the selective people doing laugh emojis on mine, Seres, and Bliss's posts, and liking each others stuff doesn't bother me nor make me doubt myself lol. Sorry if I burst your bubble(s) on that one. 😊

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  12. Its Christmas... Also why are we still attacking people who are on topic with a thread? I don't care what ever excuses, insults etc are made against me on this. Had my way all this evil rp would be gone. But I am doing what I can. By making suggestion that LL atleast investigates this matter for themselves. 

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  13. 1 minute ago, Callum Meriman said:

    I guess it's my fault for seeing someone in pain and trying to reach out to them. Sorry I failed.

    Merry Christmas.

    You keep going back and fourth towards sucking up and being against us lol. Even with the lil emoji things lol. 

    But yeaah lets ALL try to have a nice Christmas day! P.s offers there if you are convinced we are alts lol. There is such a thing as close friendship yey.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Serenityfirefly McMahon said:

    Agreed, i will voice verify too. As it is almost 8am on christmas morning i am on lumiya afk finishing some last min stuff before going to my families so it will need to be later tonight. If your about steff would that be ok? Same, i reveal my rl and me usually to those close to me. I don't mind clearing up accusations up though

    Yeah later, or tomorrow being Christmas and all lol.

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  15. 15 hours ago, SteffiiSugabum said:

    Banned Content Is Not Allowed For Any Residents.

    • Non-consensual sexual content, or any content or items that depict or suggest sexual activity that all parties involved did not consent to.
    • Sexual content involving minors, or any sexually explicit or suggestive content or items depicting minors.
    • Cruel or hateful content, or content or items that depict or suggest cruelty or hatred towards individuals or animals.

      https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines <- reference. 


    It is banned, I personally think Linden Lab needs to set their foot down on banning places which exist for this.

    I don't need to re-read them. 

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  16. 13 minutes ago, Roxy Couturier said:

    So, on one hand you don't want to 'stumble' across it accidentally while landing in a sim, but the description, which would tell you 'Not For Me' is bad too? I'm eyerolling really hard right now..

    As for MP.. you do know the search is Boolean, right? you can type in '<search term> NOT rape' and there you go. no more rapeyness in MP search.

    As I said, you have tools. Use them.

    I don't get where your coming from in your first sentence? I haven't said I landed in a sim. It's the description just in search literally. Even names of places they will keyword aswell... and no I do not look up the word rape etc either. It will come from trying to look for markets, clubs, shops just anything... doesn't even have to have adult unticked at times I've found aswell.

    As for MP, I didn't know that no. So thank you for informing me of that. However it is banned from MP if you look at the listing guidelines aswell. So yeah I still do think it needs to be looked into. ~ Also, just as an add, there is also the issue of when you're just on the MP home page this stuff coming up aswell in the featured sections etc. Or if you buy something for free, the adverts for other products, this stuff is coming up in there also and its just not at all related to anything I have/would look at.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Funny how you keep trying to turn everything back on me. I'm not the one trying to force my trauma on everyone else in SL.

    Get it through your stubborn skull. LL isn't going to do a damned thing to accommodate crime victims.

    I'm not trying to do that either I've said about as much as you have about your own trauma, as I have about my own trauma. With the add that it does effect me, and "other people" in SL too. You keep taking what I'm saying out of context though. I'm not gonna try reason with you any longer cause it's not getting anywhere. I'm sorry that you are clearly hurting, but I'm not against you nor have I tried to be. I'm not here for you to emotionally take your anger out on either. So muting you it is. If you wonder why I'm not replying, that's why. I've tried to give you chance to understand what I actually mean because you've misunderstood me. Now you're snapping at me because you feel something and I am trying to raise awareness to an issue. So yeah I'm just not here for you to argue with. Had you been respectful and not tried to pick a fight with me I might have actually supported you.

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  18. 4 minutes ago, Chaser Zaks said:

    Oh boy this topic again.

    Ok so there are arguments for and against it. Below are my summarized arguments of both sides.

    A argument against it:

    A argument for it:

    So say we do ban it, where to we draw the line?

    • Would gorean/bdsm slavery/etc be banned? Technically in roleplay, the slave isn't consenting as the master has all the say.
    • What about AFK/idle sex places? No one is at the avatar to consent.
    • What about animal RP? Animals do not consent when they mate, they just do it.
    • Or what if there is a alien race RP where consent isn't a thing and it is just kind of globally accepted by their culture?

    As you can see it is a bit of a slippery slope.

    As for morals, what defines one person's morals as correct? As stated above with where we draw the line, morals can be vary different from person to person or culture to culture. Some people even say doing adult activities, be it sex for pleasure/reasons other than reproducing, drinking alchohol, gambling(This is banned from SL, but in the case I am talking about is where no money is at stake. Technically gachas can count as gambling), etc, is a sin. Why should we ignore these morals?

    Additionally it has been mentioned that rape roleplay is done because "men are insecure about their manhood". This is both ironic and offensive. It implies only men are interested in rape roleplay with women, ignoring the fact that there are gay people who also partake in this type of roleplay, and that there are women who also into this type of RP, be it on the receiving or giving side. I myself am pansexual, but I do highly prefer men and I wouldn't mind partaking in such RP. Being a subordinate/bottom, how would I be "intimidating, overpowering and humiliating women" in this case, if I was both the receiving end, male, and with a male partner?

    Outside of trying to stay neutral:

    I do try to understand both sides, but rape RP often partakes in closed environments specifically for such type of RP. Those who see it are often actively out looking for it. You can always just not look for or visit these sims or private parcels.

    I get what you're saying about this in part. However, I've also lost count of how many times I have accidentally read graphic descriptions from the search option in SL. Not even been trying to look for it either. In MP aswell, I could be looking for some clothing, furniture and it comes up with rape beds, hot tubs, date-rape pills... Don't even have to be setting it to Moderate/General for that and objects like that on Marketplace are banned which is what I've been saying. So I do think it needs to be looked into more.

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  19. Just now, Selene Gregoire said:

    The only person here judging others is you.

    Respect and trust are two different things.

    I have not called you out or disrespected you. You have done both to me. You needed to get over yourself long before I ever posted in this thread.

    If you knew anything about me, you'd know that everything you have said to me is a load of hogwash. Including the "I'm treating you like an anemy" BS.

    I have yet to see you take any responsibility for the crapfest you contributed to in this thread. So far all you have done is make excuses.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    I have made judgement towards rape RP in SL. I've suggested that the issue is brought to Linden Lab directly. Pointing out what rules are had but basically saying I think they need to be revised and the objects, places etc that are allowing this in SL should be looked into. I haven't disrespected you or anyone else. I've had all kinds of judgement thrown at me though just for having my view. I haven't said anything directly to you other then "I'm sorry for what you've been through also" and "You have no right to judge me". That's not disrespecting you. 

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  20. 19 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Well. So much for muting me.

    You have no right to tell me I have no right to freedom of speech. You have no right to twist every thing I say so that it no longer means what it originally meant. That is uncalled for.

    Respect? Respect is earned, not just frivolously given way.

    I never claimed you directed anything at me. YOU decided I did when it never happened. That is uncalled for.

    Mute me for real this time and don't unmute me until you stop twisting what other people say to suit your need to be a victim. In other words, get over yourself.  You don't have a monopoly on being raped and suffering because of it. I've had to pay that price for decades. Come back and talk to me when YOU have lived with it for more than 40 years. i've had to live with it for 45 years.

    I didn't get chance to mute you yet, so I replied. I haven't twisted anything, you've just randomly judged me (ironically) in defence of thinking what I said was aimed at you which it weren't. Hence why you quoted my comment and replied defensively of your experience. 

    Again, I am sorry to see/have empathy for you, that you have the experience yourself aswell. I have nearly 9 years and I still struggle with it. So rather then being against me, if you let me I'd actually be supportive/compassionate with you about that. You didn't though, you judged me. Also I believe respect is given not earned. You respect people, fair if they blow your trust then they earn it. However that's how you view it and that's fine. Just don't think if you call me out/disrespect me for no reason at all, I will bow down to you either. I wouldn't "need to get over myself" had you not said things about me. We have to take a bit of responsibility for our own actions rather then excuse them. I haven't done anything to you. Don't treat me like I'm your enemy when I'm not trying to be...

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  21. 14 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Ah so you can't handle the truth after all. Doesn't surprise me. Especially since you completely glossed over the word "think" in my post. You read it the way you wanted it to read. Not what I actually said. 

    Be sure to block me in world as well. 

    Oh and...


    What truth exactly? I've just said nothing I said was aimed at you... You came out with saying you think I may not have been through it. You have no right to say that, how would you feel if I said the same about you? It's just something you don't do. Have a bit of respect. Not only did I actually state its happened to me on more then one occasion, I said my friends and family have aswell. So whats your deal? Saying that my friends and family haven't aswell? It was uncalled for, no matter what you thought I was saying directed to you... Seems to be the issue here though. People are only thinking about themselves. What they "think" or "want to think". That's fine, you do that but don't try bring me down with you over taking something I said the wrong way. Had I been in that same situation, I would of never even thought about saying that to you. I'd of just said the part of what you're basically saying to summarise it up "Er excuse me, I have felt this way don't judge me." Not defended and then passed judgement back. It's not a contest.

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  22. 3 minutes ago, Callum Meriman said:

    Sorry you think that.

    I was trying to give you advice that I found useful. SL can be a great healer, that's why it's full of hurt people.

    Sorry you missed my point.

    Telling me to be an adult and basically get over it.. isn't the way to go about that. But fine I accept that. I'm still not gonna be comfortable with this in SL however.

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  23. 9 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    My whole life was completely destroyed by what happened to me. The family I should have had was taken from me when I was 14 years old. The career I should have had was as well. Not to mention the myriads of other things I was robbed of that I was't even aware of until I got older. If you think I wasn't traumatized by being raped, you don't know what you are talking about. I'd even go so far as to think you have never really experienced what you claim you have.

    I didn't even say anything about you not being. I'm sorry for what you've been through. Don't ever accuse me of never experiencing what I have you should know for yourself that's playing on fears all survivors have. Just because you've taken personally against you what I said which wasn't directly aimed at you whats so ever... do not state I haven't experienced because I have and you have NO right to say that. Now I am gonna mute you because I don't need that negativity from you. That was beyond uncalled for. What even makes you think someone would want to state they have if they haven't baffles me.. I'm not proud of it you know... 

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