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    I just found out about powerline adaptors and I think I am going to install one of them and connect via ethernet. Its looking the best option. Thanks for your help everyone
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    I will have another look at this port opening but to be honest a friend got me to set up my PC as a dmz and to have every single port open and there was no change, however I have since been fiddling with other things and reset the router so it might be worth trying again. I have also split the wifi signal to 2.6mhz and 5 mhz but I will look at your suggestion again as somehow I have to get this to work.
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    Unfortunately they are most unhelpful. They offer a basic service free which means making sure your internet is working. As everything except SL is working they are satisfied that it is not their problem. But they said I could have a technical support contract for £30 a month for a minimum of 3 months if I required more expert advice. I must admit I had not isolated the problem to being a wifi one at that point and they were suspicious it might be something to do with SL.
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    Hi everyone, Have opened a ticket on a problem which is not getting resolved quickly and I am hoping someone out there can help me. On 26th September I installed a new BT smarthub. Since then I being logged out of SL after 2minutes of being logged in. However, it only happens if I am on the wifi, the ethernet is fine but its not feasible to use it all the time. Today I discovered that the log file in the c:\user\susie\appsdata\roaming\....still bears the date of the 26th September. I feel this is significant. The ping data? That looks good according to SL Getting withdrawal symptoms
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