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  1. Increase price for new things for paid users it's ok. But why are you taking groups from basic? Think that then they will pay you? This is not true. It just hurts poor people. 300 USD it's pay for month work in my country.
  2. And if I want second or third head I pay only 1500. Not 5000 again.
  3. I don't like Sansar because there is does not focused to character creation. A real breakthrough would have been if the vanilla avatar of SL had been improve. Then as there is a mesh you can change hairstyle and shape of the clothes and shoes is really cool. And physics of hair. Yes, the first SL concept is much better.
  4. Animation HUD and bento heads should be separated. With the advent of the bento system, the variety of mesh heads became really many and more interesting. However, on the wave of the newest system, the creators clearly overpriced their products. In contrast heads with a frame system, where the animation needed to be created for each head, the bento system simplified this by applying the same animation to any bento head. Earlier, frame heads were sold separately with animations and I think it's right to also divide and animation to bento heads. The first to decide do this was LAQ. At the begi
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