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  1. Personally, female is my choice, but I don't mind hopping into a male character's skin either. Or something that does not affiliate with any genders for that matter. Now for preference, as far as I'm concerned, it boils down to what you feel comfortable playing AND what you can immerse yourself with. The more comfortable with the person you play as you feel - the more immersive you'll be able to play said character. What I mean is, a character is mainly built up by their memories, their past, their experiences primarily, only then it's a concern what dangles between their legs. Unfortunately I feel the roleplay in Second Life is often mistaken for erotic roleplay by many, which is in fact, a very fun activity but it is only part of roleplaying, not the whole concept - so a lot of characters are done to be oversexualized, without any content behind them, making them very dull to interact with. Good roleplayers will remember John, the captain who made the whole night rememberable - not John who looked like a total hunk...but did nothing to contribute to the event. I think I'm steering off the main topic but there ya go, my 2 cents.
  2. Enjoying the last weeks of indian summer. ?
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