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  1. Ah i see and understand now callum thanks a lot to explaining to me. True the topic tittle seems a bit concerning. Yes i've known the difference and old enough to keep myself in line of whats real or not (31 yo). i understant if i'm a curious new girls who'se getting into this kind of thing only by watching FSOG, it would be dangerous. So i guess what i'm looking for is more on the casual things then.
  2. Hi there Thanks a lot for info me. And i truly are 7 days old in sl. And i live pretty far away than other player in SL (i guess). I'm curious of your saying about too intense and mistreated? Care to explain more to me how its possible and how?? Is it on the terms of effecting rl of just my char in sl? Or any other violation of rights? My situation : At the moment i l'm an active bdsm player and been known in some comunity in my country and having a stable real relationship (yes my fiancee knew i'm playing this world). Experience so far : Oh and anyway i ever search with keywords "slave training" and try to visit the place, only to found 2 person there (a master and his slave). They both talking something like doing the slave things (training) in rl and sl (as long as its reachable by the Master). I'm personally is a bit scared of the kind of comitment that deep. Since all i seek is the thrill of having a RP occasionally to make my fantasies (that i cannot easily and safely do in RL) in here. Or just a place (dungeon) with lots of weird and interesting device and animate RLV that i can try out on punishing myself while its possible for other player to take over and torment me more.
  3. What is that SIN-T and how it works? Also where can i get it?
  4. Yeah i guess i'll try look it more in world
  5. Thanks for your input i'l try to look around more in the sl world.
  6. I hv these long time fantasy of being kidnap and taken to keep as house pet. Is it possible to RP these kind of things in SL? Please message me and let me know the details if you're interested. Also with which role do u interested in (abducter/victim). Thanks before
  7. Really? What country are u from? Its not really common for asian here.
  8. Sure because its something we wouldn't able to have in rl, therefore its what makes our other side in sl is interesting. I kinda think that this sl world is all about balancing ourself to be a better person in rl.
  9. Yep the kind of roleplay u could not really get it good in RL, and kinda wants to make it work in SL.
  10. My boyfriend knew i played in SL to explore my kinky side of this world and okay with it. He knows when i'm only casualy looking for fun around things
  11. So u looking for a wife who would want to be used by other guy in front of you, or you are the one doing a girl and want your wife to watch it?
  12. Hi there, I'm a new user of this world, and been looking forward to explore my kinky side in this world with a partner/dom/master who shares the same interest and ideas on making BDSM fantasies come true Please add and message me if you are interested and looking for a submissive. About me : I'm a 31 yo asian female who actively into bdsm in submissive roleplay, i'm mostly into fetishes of kidnaped, DiD, shibari, bondage, predicament, breathplay, forced orgasm and any other kind of master fetishes
  13. Hi I'm an active submissive in real life, and looking for some fun in second life too. If anyone would like to be my Dom/partner to hv some fun in this world, i would really welcome it!
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