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  1. If you saw someone bleeding, you would try to help them, or would you say it wasn't your place to interfere? Maybe he would let them bleed so that he wouldn't be called a white knight if he helped.
  2. You're the one who thinks their solution is brilliant. In fact, apparently it's so brilliant that if the OP doesn't accept it you've decided they must not really want a solution. That's what you told them.
  3. Please explain? There's not really much more than a few seconds, or none at all, when you have to afk suddenly. I see you're not really interested in a solution to your 'problem'. Have fun discussing. I don't want to sit down all the time because an AFK emergency might happen. Your solution isn't so good.
  4. Maybe some ESP was involved, or a medium was contacted like a Patricia Arquette type person, we just don't know at this point. hehe
  5. and if you don't agree get roasted on his privat blog as happened already again .. how blind can you be to get in discussion with that. I only care about the discussion of this topic. If somebody wants to have a fit should we disagree that's their problem.
  6. All hell will break lose when it manifests into the world!! hehe
  7. Could be that but don't think it always is. I've had textures that did super strange stuff.
  8. Prokofy described a few interesting concepts pertaining to how communities could/should be organized. I'd find it a much more fruitful and interesting discussion if you could address those as opposed to making fun of him.
  9. Admittedly, I only read about half to three quarters of this thread - phew. But it seems the gist is that if some darn thing can't be found wrong with the project , *and man did people try" , then we must end it with criticizing her narrative, the way in which she tried to defend against those who say she's glorifying Dystopia?
  10. It seems to rate 10 for confusion, or maybe it's just late, but of course it helps to start at the beginning!
  11. Lawrence was pretty good overall. Slight defensiveness in a couple places. But hey, cut him some slack, he's new, and it's not easy to come up against this crowd here eh?
  12. I visited and it's quite an accomplishment. TDD is not the best spokesperson to put it mildly, and he is just a visitor who likes the sims and does not appear to represent Hangars in any way. I do agree with much of what you said, and if I were the creator of Hangars I would request that TDD not speak for Hangars anymore.
  13. Yep my experience was with CGCookie. Had to file a support ticket to cancel auto-renewal.
  14. I might open up a support ticket and cancel renewals on two alts, stating I want to maintain benefits for the coming year despite not renewing. I had to do that with another subscription service once.
  15. When you choose to downgrade the effects take place immediately, so best to downgrade/cancel close to the time you plan to actually downgrade. It's simply not the same as some subscriptions where you can cancel in advance and still retain benefits until the contract you signed up for is over. * I'd like to be able to cancel in advance myself in case I forget in a year. I only hope that if I'm charged another year if I forget to cancel or don't get a warning email that I can dispute the charges.
  16. Does action exist without some sort of thinking or principle beforehand? Why are you separating the two? To trash human rights I guess. You don't seem to get that the notion of human rights has caused great changes in the world already.
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