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  1. Thanks everyone, the problem is solved. Well, in the most newbe way, just reinstalled the client. Creator said you must clean glasses with turned on rlv, not just remove it, or it could just crush everything. Telling it If it could help anyone. Sorry for disturbing.
  2. Does uninstalling client could help with it? I'm really sorry for such noob questions. I had some problems with other scripts later, and I thought maybe uninstalling everything could clear something. I will message creators anyway, just wanted to know for the future issues, so I don't have to bother anyone with stupid topics
  3. Well, why not? Some of creators don't answer on messages of any kinds, some answers you may wait forever, and I was need help asap. Well, it's adult content forum. I thought it would be easier to ask if anyone had similar problems. I searched it on the forum a little and didn't find anything, where I could ask about it, so I started a new topic in adult content forum. Yeah, I tried it, as I said in first message. Anyways, thanks for answers everyone.
  4. Hello all! I tryed to figure out in what category should I address this question, and I'm sorry if it's not the right forum for this. But "It's not mine glasses" is adult-play item, so I thought I could find help here. As you know, the item "It's not mine glasses" (there are 3 types of them) makes your vision blurred after sex acts with ejaculating on the wearer's face, if you using RLV viewer. After a sex act I cleaned my avatar in rlv-shower, but vision remains blurred. I took the glasses and "it's not mine system" off - same problem, vision is still blurred. Tried normal SL-viewer, without RLV - nothing changed. I took off all items what could be connected with rlv and ***** system, and it doesn't work. Could anyone tell please, is there the way to reset vision, to delete this blur? Maybe reseting camera, or reinstalling SL client? Thank you. Sorry for my poor English.
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