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  1. Maybe, if (and hopefully WHEN) 2FA is implemented, and someone gets hacked for L$, the person who was hacked should have to eat the lost $ IF they opted not to enable 2FA.
  2. Insurance protection should already be included with the current MP fee in my opinion.
  3. My question is why has LL not at least implemented Two Factor Auth yet? This is real money and financial accounts being dealt with here, and in some cases, peoples livelihoods. 2FA would surely at least reduce the occurrence of phished accounts, thus reducing legitimate merchants from being stolen from. I have asked at meetings in the past and LL seems uninterested in doing so. What I don't understand is why. If, and when, it is implemented, users should be strongly compelled to enable 2FA, especially when they add payment info to their account. @Grumpity Linden @Oz Linden @Reed Lind
  4. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum come to mind. Perhaps the current premium level package could be called Silver, with the upcoming package being called Gold. That would leave Bronze available for a more basic package, and Platinum for a top level package.
  5. Ivan, you're currently driving yourself crazy with all this reporting and enforcing you try to do. Some people have dramatic stories. A few may be true, but in my experience most are not or are grossly exaggerated. I think you should relax, enjoy SL, and just roll with the punches. You'll live happier (possibly longer too) in SL and RL if you do.
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