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  1. If performance was still affected even after taking off the HUD, it sounds like it might have been other performance or network issue maybe. I didn't see any difference in performance between the prior version and the updated version. I used to get that message with the prior version as well. Did you trying putting on the prior version of the body and see if that helped any? or did things stay the same? that would help rule out whether it was the updated body or HUD. Going to a crowded place, it's common - I think - to see body parts flying around at first. Lol. If you don't usual
  2. So lucky to have found a wonderful camper location last week. Wasn't sure I would like such a small space, but surprise! I found I do. right along a waterway, yay!
  3. Was that a message when you attached the HUD? Something about the HUD have a lot of large textures which might impact performance (or words similar to that)? I've never noticed any FPS drop from that message. I used to get that same message with the first time I put the older Lara HUD on also, after logging in, but I've never noticed any performance issue connected to that. I suppose it might affect some more than others depending on graphics capabilities and viewer settings. If it's a different message or happens at a different time, maybe you could provide more info about the message a
  4. Found it! LOL, I should have thought about MP
  5. Yesterday I went looking for it in the store and couldn't find it either. I joined the Maitreya group but didn't see a notice (but notices don't stay around for too long). I want to try BOM out, but if it's going to be a treasure hunt or a lot of work to get the Maitreya relay to do BOM, I may think about looking at other bodies.
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