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  1. Wait!! They said in the note that "To wear your existing closet, please use the 'Fit Deformer' attachments, only included with your final purchase. Fit Deformers will shrink your body to fit your clothes. They are not available with the demo, and your existing closet will likely not fit without them, but they will when you use the 'Fit Deformer' attachments. :)" What is the meaning of this "your existing closet"? Does it including Maitreya, Belleza, Slink , etc? Or it is only meaning "your existing 'TMP' closet". So we have to pay 2500 or 5000 for wearing our existing TMP clothes? If they are so mighty can wear other mesh body's clothes, there is another question. If you body will fit to the clothes, then it is the clothes define your shape. and that equal to the shape of that particular clothes fitted mesh body to control your Legacy body shape? Is this not quite logical?
  2. Four Big Mesh bodies already has over 65% of the market share. Old TMP has only 0.6%. Now, new TMP has 0%. It even cannot fit with old TMP clothes. What is the point to have it?
  3. yes, when I wear bikini (whether need avatar physic or not), i need to adjust my cleave for it with my Maitreya body. If I wear Addam clothes (their clothes has extra push up and larger breast shape), I need to reduce my breast size and add more gravity. There are many situation need to adjust a bit of my shape. Then more and more shapes are creating everyday. If I have a changing to my head, those body shapes would be obsoleted. Any shape changed may also need to update your outfit (created a new indeed). Then after a season, i have no idea the different of those shapes and their link to which outfit.
  4. I wish head shape and body shape configuration should be separated If the body shape and head shape modification are separated: * for merchant can sell body shape only, which do not affect purchaser's head shape * for everyone, this can easy to maintain the same face but different body shapes How many time we modify body each year? And how many time we modify our face each year? Is it better to try a mesh head demo with shape on your original body shape?
  5. Is there anyone think that would be good if there is an extra breast slider bar for adjusting the gravity and cleave? I created about hundred extra body shapes each year just for the minor adjustment on breast for clothes. Thinking about you have slider bar for breast adjustment on your quick preferences. NOTE: Belleza do have 3 preset breast shapes for user in the hud. But the hud is not quite responsive, plus it let designer have to decide support which breast shape? On Belleza body supporting on breast, it become 3 bodies x 3 breast shapes = 9 variation. I don't blame less clothes for Belleza.
  6. Every north west corner of Blake sea has small Rezz zone, you will have enough time to walk around you boat. You can go to many famous sailing sim, they usually are Rez’s able sea and has longer auto return time, like Eden, Naked Sea..
  7. Official viewer is rubbish. Almost zero mark user experience. Such as sail a boat, you almost impossible to use commands. It need to click on the conversation box everytime to input text. The dialog boxes are always full of the screen. The short-cut design is also crapped.. j to jump? I was rage quit SL few years by SL viewer 2.0. Since then, I never used official viewer again. If it is not EEP crash too much with FS on sailing, i would not try official viewer. But very disappointed again. And I found that the Stand button location is conflicted with most of boat hud. I suggest LL to design the UI of the officier view, please ask our staff to use it with all kind of sl activities. I always think that viewer and avatar must be dominated by LL, but LL obviously give up both very important positions.
  8. I am sorry to tell you that you don't have "right" for monthly payment, but you have a function to enable exclusion access to your parcel. This function is no "right" or "wrong" moral implication. We can use it as we wish. I think ban line is a problem cannot be solved. Most people come to second life enjoy the free lunch, wish can share anything, even affairs for free. They actually don't have any right, it is the system designed allowed them to do in certain way. And on the other hand, those paid member who spent money, will think that is the their property same as in real life. Both side has their own right to think the matter. But the system design is such a way, we either accept or not accept (mostly compromised to accept). otherwise you can leave second life and play other game, whatsoever. For people paid on the land, I personal agree that can use any function available to them. Someone may like to share and other don't. It really do not have any connection to privacy. For people sailing or driving or flying, rejected by ban line, I think the problem is on Linden Lab's poor decision of early selling landscape, and the poor design on the public facilities. The architect of the second life system design also contribute the problem, lag, rezzing issues, minor unstable, etc. For those parcel created public functionality, like a portion of a long coastal beach, the own of one portion open it or not, that is more depend on the social contract of second life. It is a matter or moral obligation on the user behind the avatar. No one has right to claim the availability of it. There is no such right of way, right of light... existing in second life. We always has alternative way to travel. Beside, right of way, right of light can only be applied to the neighbor land in interest. BTW, I think the privacy system still need to improve, such as "avatars on other parcels can see" other side should be single way. IMHO. Sry for not systematically wrote. I had a headache today, must caught flu.
  9. Know how to care of other always get friends. First and most important to find a topic the target person like to hear and feed back up. Second is to share same topic. Respect other is very important. Remember the other are real person before the screen, they are not pixel, and everyone want to be have a listener and someone care of.
  10. Just visited the demo place, with that density of mesh house, I am sure that is unsuitable for avatar staying on ground. That would be a lag feast. I prefer the old, it can be pretty inside if you really think howto decorate it. It see nowhere to live with Linden house in the future, but to live outside mainland or private estate.
  11. Second life is a game of RPG real life. We fcuk, we love, we spend, and we lost here. This game is playing with real money and personal emotion. In this game, we have unlimited life (alt) to restart again, and fortunately we skip where we fall. We don't need to stand up, it just register a new account, even can change your sex, your existing, as anything movable in world. Second life is a game, but the lore(s) written by player.
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