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  1. Thank you for your replies! That was a cleaned up version for the forum. Ha! I do need to work on formatting them. The sensor is for an archery target so the on touch is just when you start the game. Then it needs to know if you stay at a reasonable distance. It's only for a short time then turns off when the game is finished so I figured that wouldn't be so bad. I added an owner option to turn the sensor off explaining it's not great for laggy sims. Do you think? Those scripts you posted are great ideas that could come in handy for other projects.Very simple. I love those adventure games with experiences where range on touch is essential. I have a few ides in mind.
  2. Oh thank you! Makes sense now. No_sensor works.
  3. key AvKey; startsensor() { llSensorRepeat("", AvKey, AGENT, 20.0, PI, 10.0); llSetTimerEvent(90); } default { touch_start(integer total_number) { AvKey = llDetectedKey(0); startsensor(); } sensor(integer num_det) { integer i; for(i = 0; i < num_det; i++) { if (AvKey == llDetectedKey(i)) { llSay(0, llGetUsername(AvKey) + " Detected"); } else {llShout(0, "Not Detected"); //this bit not working } } } timer() { llSensorRepeat("", AvKey, AGENT, 10.0, PI, 0.0); } } I can't get the "else" bit to work for some reason. It's for a game where I don't want people cheating by going close to the object. It's just as important to know when they aren't in range.
  4. I tried it later and it was fine. It guessing its a bug when using the upload preview.
  5. Hi, I've made a looped hold animation in qavimator and it is sometimes slowly rotating my avatar at the hip. I'm just using the chest, shoulder, upper and lower arm joints. I tried removing the chest joint. The T pose is there at the start and finish. I tried changing from 1 frame to 12 to 24. I tried changing from 30 fps to 5 then 12 fps. No other animations are playing and im not sitting on anything. Thank you Wendy
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