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  1. Chouchou must survive!! ❤️❤️❤️ True crime is killing art. Let's all of us, residents of SL, try and save this beautiful sim, a work of art - SL creativity at it's finest! https://www.flickr.com/photos/160006430@N02/47853115552/in/dateposted-public/
  2. Thanks Tari ?! It was really confusing that I couldn't see that my link is clickable in the profile lol I used to see that when I put correct formatting lol well that is how some other sites works so I was sure that I was doing something wrong here lol. Everything is different here, would be so much easier if I could see what I've done after putting correct formatting and I hate to badger friends for it and I don't have an alt account to check my profile (I barely have time to manage this one as it is) lol so it's rather frustrating. Also was very confusing when my friend told me th
  3. ❤️ You are amazing! Glad that one can still meet ppl like you ? Don't change.
  4. lol well great.... it's ok then. Thanks ? LOL I thought that something was wrong but turns out that was only my lack of knowledge and experience with this stuff (putting links etc). But I did manage to put correct format for link in the profile so... it was helpful lol even though a bit embarrassing. Oh well... you live, you learn. ?
  5. I really don't know... I managed to put link in a profile and it works, as I read how to in some old post here but as far as notecards are concerned it doesn't work... I copy/paste link into notecard and looks ok but when I copy that same link in sl search always same answer... that page couldn't be found.. Thank you for your answer. Until I find an answer I'll try with Calling cards or URI number. It's annoying since I put notecards with my MP store link in my selling items and it's annoying to find out that it doesn't work lol. Well I'm happy that at least I manage to sort out one in th
  6. Found an old post with answer, (putting the brackets) but I'm still not sure will that work in notecards?
  7. Hello everyone, I tried to put link for my MP store in my profile and notecards that comes with products but if it's copy pasted in the browser it says that it doesn't exist. I tried http and https but it's not working for either. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or what permissions I'm lacking to do that. I would appreciate help with this. Thank you.
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