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  1. * EDIT : It's solved now, thanks to everyone that replied. Made a new ticket and this time they helped me out
  2. The money was earned in world. And if that's true what you say then nobody would be able to do so I think right? I don't know what is going on really I just wish we didn't have to guess and they told me the reason. If the case is what you say then again there's nothing I can do? It shouldn't be tho. You have earned Lindens in world which you wish to send them onto PayPal and since they made that a possibility in their game, you should be able to
  3. Actually this is exactly what I have received,copy and pasted from the email! -- We were unable to complete your recent process credit request. The funds have been returned to your Second Life account balance and are available for your use. If this issue persists please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Linden Lab --
  4. The status of the process credit said 'Refunded/Closed' the day after without an explanation. All I received on the email was something like your recent process credit has been refunded. Send us a ticket if the issue persists..
  5. Yes I will do so since it seems to be the only thing I can do. I just wish for an explanation that is all. Maybe like your information is not enough we need ID photos maybe.. or I don't know something to make me understand why this is happening. Then I wouldn't have problem to wait because I would know that they are working on something. Now seems like they don't because I have tried to keep the ticket open but they just closed it.. Thanks for your suggestion!
  6. So if this were you trying to get your balance onto your PayPal it got refunded you sent a ticket to solve it and they said there's no information on that what would you do? I mean should I send a new ticket? I can wait but for what if my ticket is already closed up by them? All I'm asking for is help and feedback and since I couldn't get it from the support I thought to try with you guys. Again thanks to all that replied.
  7. I understand this as well. The reason I wrote this thread is because I simply don't know what I need to do next. And I think everyone would be frustrated if they were in my shoes. It's something else when someone tells you what the issue is so you're aware and wait for some reason than to actually just ignore your question and your ticket completely. Thank you for your opinion by the way!
  8. I understand if this was the issue but to me it seems like they avoid to explain me because there is not an actual reason this happens. But that they prefer to keep the USD balance on my account than actually send it to my PayPal. The reason I feel like that is because he tried closing up the ticket and I told him to please provide me with more info so that I can help to get it solved and then he just closed up the ticket. And this leaves me with 0 information. What if I try again in 2 weeks as he says it gets refunded again and then I have to send tickets and start all over and never get an a
  9. I have contacted PayPal btw and this is their reply below.. so yes it's just Linden Lab who has issues that I don't even know exactly what so that I can send them the info if needed lol. From: PayPal Customer Support Edit Dear, Thank you for getting in touch in regards to receiving payments. I have completed a full review of your account, with 100% certainty I can tell you your account is is ready to receive payments from Second Life or from any other person/merchant. As you already ment
  10. So why people keep on posting and assuming the worse when you don't even know what has happened? Linden lab has not provided me with a reply specifically about my case they wrote it could be a number of reasons and when I asked for more details so that we can try and solve it together he just closed up my ticket in my face and said unfortunately there's no information at this time. This is so unprofessional especially to someone like me who and been supporting this game for ages and pays monthly to be a premium member when not live chat support or anyone was even willing to help me. I wrote on
  11. You jump too quick in conclusions. Another smartie on the forums want my real account info? The one I'm talking about? You can sure have it. Reason I deleted the whole post is because the forums are full of idiots. Everything about my account is approved and verified but when I asked for help right away people said I was a fraud because I wrote the article with an alt.. I find this quite pathetic.
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