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  1. wulfie you are my savior, I have been in this for years and i know that this is not a cache problem and it is true how i had taken some photos i forgot to fix the brightnes, glowsiness and alterions uff i had not thought about that, lol i am still learning thank you and hugss!
  2. hello sl community, I hope you all are safe and healthy. My concern is that a few hours ago I entered my viewer and noticed that there is a problem with the shiny particles just like the water , floating particles etc and if it is very shiny you only see white and some things have inverted colors like a rainbow color or only white or blue I take some screenshots of some sites because I thought it was my sim but it is not and I checked my graphic card and is running well and the others viewers (such as black dragon, sl viewer official,kokua and catznip) I tested them but they work very well and without problems,I thought it was the antivirus but also deactivated it and activated it and put my viewer in the antivirus white list as I have always done I clean the cache, restar the computer and reinstall the viewer and nothing seems to work, I need help guys.
  3. ohh thank ya , Fritigern Gothly, so simple solution but it worked !!
  4. Hello Second Life community A few days ago, my viewer began to give problems with the textures of the terrain, my avi etc, so i check the plugins and add the viewer to the whitelisting of my antivirus (which I do not use it free since I bought the license, the antivirus specifically is AVG) I have always used it and it never gave me problems the case was that since I had not renewed this license, I put another one (Avira) for a while, but last week appears a message of a plugin error,(in case you guys ask if my graphics card works well?), yes, it does because in no other program or simulator it gives me problems I tried with other viewers such as singularity, Blackdragon, imprudence, Dolphin and the official second life viewer, and they all work very well for me,i reinstall adobe flash player and the viewer, but nothing. I don't know what else to do (I don't consider myself someone technological) I have done my best and with the little knowledge I know about this problem. I need help guys !!
  5. Yes, but nothing, thats why i am posting here!
  6. hello I'm new to kittycat, I have a problem and I'm a little worried I bought a cat the box is supposed to arrive in inventory but in my case it stayed on the wall where all the kittens in the sim show, I opened it, but as not It was my sim my cat did not come out of the box, and accidentally take it,and now I do not know how to get it back. Box Traits: 6 Fur Russian - Black Eye Exotic Seas (Curious | Small) Natural Shade Tail Genesis Ears Pixie Point Whiskers Black (Swanky Lite) Size Normal Version: 1.59 Owner: letter11juliet Resident ID: ff706e01-5913-1aef-9fdc-363cb38cc498
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