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  1. Oh I totally would and totally did ✌️ People who make me want to meet them are very rare (I'm lazy, sue me) but I've met some of my best friends like that. I've also met some boyfriends this way and the "fail" ratio is the same that with people whom I've met in RL. Because people from SL are actual people, living and breathing ... shocking I know. So I don't really make differences between the two I guess ...
  2. And here is today's look ^-^ Happy rez day @Pauck ! xx
  3. Hello ! As someone who just started taking photos very recently I'd be thrilled if such a thing was to happen ! I can only give you my point of vue from this angle but I think that is a very good idea and many people could benefit from that. To be honest, I was a bit sad to find out that it didn't already exist. I was almost expecting it to already be a thing haha Not that I want someone to do all the hard work for me but it's a bit hard to get started, you don't know if you do things properly, or what are the ways to do basic things. I'm sure that I do things that would make seasoned photographers cringe but well... And I sure as hell could benefit from some kind of "mentor" or a community if I had questions... you know ! I can't be the only one. Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining, that's not what I mean at all >.< But yay for a photographers community with tips and tricks and good camaraderie !
  4. Oh this one for sure ! It's the Crimson Call - Cassidy Silk Boudoir dress in red ♥
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