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  1. To add to this question: 1. After paying for a premium account, how much will the additional charge be to change the surname? 2. If your premium membership expires, does your surname revert (for Legacy accounts) or disappear (for post-Legacy accounts)? 3. Will there be an additional fee to change first names (or account names for post-Legacy accounts) when changing your surname? 4. What are some other limitations LL will implement to prevent people from abusing this feature? Will there be limits on the number of times per year you can make these changes? Will there be a tiered charge (as in the cost increases for every time the change is made)? 5. Would you consider a system to share surnames between LL partners (say, if a couple has been partnered for X months/years, they are given the option to share an existing surname)? 6. How will the list of surnames be generated? Are you taking suggestions? 7. When is this actually happening? The language used originally was "later this year", and now it is "more details later this year". Does this mean next year? 8. Will changes/requests for changes be reviewed and approved or denied by staff, or will it simply be at the whim of the user and based on availability and fees? Thanks.
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