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  1. The name of this hoodie, store, LM if possible? The LM to this outfit (it can't be found at TMD or Gabriel main store). The name of the shirt and LM if possible? LM to this outfit?
  2. Does somebody know the skin and head on this picture?
  3. Hello! Looking for Bamse - Liberator Carbon [N3 on the pic]. I couldnt find the item in MP. Please contact me if you have it. I'd like to have that gacha.
  4. Okay, thank you. And am I able to rename the role if once it is set?
  5. Up to how many roles can i set in a group that I have created or there is no limit?
  6. Actually I have 3 main accounts - 2 females and 1 male. One of the females is with Belleza Isis and AK mesh head (plus having furry cat, feline leopard avi and phoenix avi), the other is with Maitreya and Catwa Catya (plus mermaid avi and forest animal avi). The male is with Belleza Jake and Catwa Daniel (plus having feline tiger avi and thinking of buying TWI wolf soon). They all looking freaking awesome with cool clothes, skins, hairstyles, gacha items and many more. I have this account which I use as an alt but still looking good even with not so expensive stuffs.
  7. I have friends that can go only to general places. But the only cool and beautiful place I know and I can recommend to them is Cannibal beach. Can somebody say another well made general place to explore?
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