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  1. Afterhours is also hiring! With low minimum hours! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Afterhours/129/121/3000
  2. {Afterhours} Open voice environment Est - 2018 We hire Dancers, Text, Voice, Cam and Dommes. We teach all our staff on how to promote themselves and establish more stream of income to provide for their real life. ---->Wages and Incentives - Friendly Team structure/environment - Classes and help from our refined management team for those experience or new - Bae of the month and Featured baes with special perks - Monthly events to bring clients into the club - Advertisements web search - Exclusive: 5 hours a week - Non-Exclusive: 2 hours a week - Up to 30L Hourly rate and 90% tips - Become a Lovense Bae and make more in tips! - Bonuses & Incentives Disclaimer: We do not use the Lovense bridge script currently on the marketplace as reports have shown how unsecure the script is. Users personal information become public to others. Unlike the script we use, your personal information is secured and private, making you perfectly safe while making your money! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Afterhours/129/121/3000
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