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  1. Thank you Arwen for filing the JIRA, that showed me a workaround, changing the language. So with this workaround i was indeed able to buy the previously mentioned article which is missing title and description in the german languange, but is showing them in the english languange: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Expressive-PonyHUD-make-Pony-or-Horse-Sounds-and-emotes/2551235 Seems like the cashier relies on having the article's title available in the currently selcted languange for generating the "bill", and as already mentioned, so if it's not available it's causing a (Internal) Server Error. At least that's how i take it.
  2. Looks like a database issue to me, because some articles are missing title and description, some articles still have their title. So, i was able to buy / checkout this article which still has its title but is missing its description: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DT-Dead-Tattoo-Maitreya/9227314 What i actually wanted to buy in the first place is this article which is missing both title and description: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Expressive-PonyHUD-make-Pony-or-Horse-Sounds-and-emotes/2551235 So, since the cashier needs to display the article's title on the "bill", the server gets an error if the title is not available. Btw.: I never got an access denied error yet, i also tried clearing cookies and stuff, did not help.
  3. Same problem here, got "Internal server Error" on both browsers, Firefox and Chrome when i try to checkout.
  4. Seems progress is being made indeed, because i was able to log in fortunately. But boy is that a rather big issue.. Kudos to the engineers at LL for their effort, and this on a sunday!
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