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  1. Smitten Drawn to me dating. Best thing to do is go to clubs and meet people in public places. .
  2. Communication is key that he needs to be open and honest and not hide.
  3. Your probly better of doing it in real but the in reality in real you gotta be classy educated struggling kind stundent that keeps low key does not beg. You have to be kind have manners and class keep your self up and look attractive. It seems some don’t know the real title have you ever been in the outside world. Second life wonderful but dont use as a excuse you have a brain you are better then that use it. Be a host learn to scipt or build. Get a part time job in real flip some burgers find somthing to pay for your Second life spending its part of being reasonable adult putting your big girl pants on hands outs are not free everyone works for it. You can collect chystals but you work for it you do the time and collect them Just as work.
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