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  1. I have to wonder why they'd expect me to pay $5000 for a body with too many scripts from a company thats screwed people over before when i've got THREE others and an entire wardrobe for all 3 already. pshaw.
  2. uncnany for me would be those "hyper realistic" skins that are supposed to be used on a very specific shape.
  3. You can always wear a choker/ collar to hide it.
  4. My avatar is a reprisentation of my otherwise inability to express my creativity and overactive imagination.
  5. Captian, I keep trying to decorate my house, but I'm d u m m y t h i c c , and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps knocking over the paintings.
  6. I might be a massive femweeb, but I'll have you know I'm a massive femweeb with good taste.
  7. I"m currently uploading screencaps from FFXIV and hiding them in picture frames so that if any of my neighbors use cache viewer they'll get stuff like this Hes not mad, He just thought you where better than this.
  8. Some creators re-upload items to avoid negative reviews. Its not supposed to be allowed but I know several that do it anyway.
  9. Omega does work with ga.eg heads but if i recall correctly you need the relay first, as with catwa.
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