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  1. you don't actually care about these things though. you only want to pretend you do because you hate trans people. you don't care about womens sports, you don't even think women should be allowed to play sports. You don't care about women getting raped, you think its funny. stop pretending to care about issues because you can now warp them for your agenda. you're a sick human being.
  2. Black. all my clothing is black. no need to match colors. just black. black everything. black top. black stockings. black shorts. black heart.
  3. I pretty much just walk away from people. I try not to interact at all with other players and just focus on what I'm making but I've had to just pack up my build and find another sandbox before.
  4. Hi. this is not my problem and merely disables the typing animation. I need something to disable it automaticly starting to type in chat when I press a button like 'E'
  5. Basicly, I have a sort of RP/Utility hud that requires me to press certain letter keys to utilize some of the features, but whenever I press a letter key it just automaticly starts typing. I remember there was a way to turn off auto typing but I can't find it anywhere! 🤬 using firestorm by the way.
  6. If I where an mmo charactor I would have the highest stats in the game right now.
  7. My avatars are more like works of art to me than anything to do with my RL self. I go for aesthetics and don't really care how "realistic" it is.
  8. My godsdamn fridge went out and my tiramisu and pizza spoiled. not happy! Thicc af tho.
  9. they litterally posted a picture of a yasuo mesh model and said "would you change to this?!" and honestly I'm not even getting that from everyone elses posts either. its just pictures of stolen models and "MuH pOlYgOnS"
  10. yeah I get the gist of what everyones saying: "Just use a model from another game!" wich is illegal.
  11. as opposed to...? what? the thousands of meshes they're ripping from that game and other games that people are making L$ off of right now?
  12. Trying the "legacy" body out. works nice with breast deformers.
  13. Ansolutely not, since thats a stolen mesh!
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