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  1. I"m currently uploading screencaps from FFXIV and hiding them in picture frames so that if any of my neighbors use cache viewer they'll get stuff like this Hes not mad, He just thought you where better than this.
  2. Some creators re-upload items to avoid negative reviews. Its not supposed to be allowed but I know several that do it anyway.
  3. Omega does work with ga.eg heads but if i recall correctly you need the relay first, as with catwa.
  4. Benn a bit down lately, fiddling with editing my avatar to distract myself. (boy realized that sounded weird.)
  5. thanks for mentioning i'll check it out.
  6. Having a depressing time and my music taste changes with my mood.
  7. Whenever i go out i just get thirsty comments so i stay in. no use going out if nobodys going to bother reading my profile before trying to ERP grossly at me.
  8. also this is not related to your question, but be very careful when buying avatars based on anime, videogame, and movie charactors. most of the time its a stolen mesh.
  9. Ga.eg mia looks pretty young and may be a good starting point.
  10. There are "porcelain" skin tones on the market, yes, but the vast majority have unremovable peppy "kawaii" makeup added on. does anyone know where i can get a pale skin with omega head appliers without the nonsense?
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