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  1. Making a switch from running Firestorm on a Mac to a newly purchased PC. Which program files/folders should I move over to the new PC other than chat logs and user settings?
  2. this ALWAYS happens... as soon I post a Q to a pub forum, I find the answer on my own. I actually missed the fine print the last time I checked the Phoenix Viewer wiki, where there was a small note about MacOS 10.14: - with OS 10.14 (Mojave) - go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone (and check "allow" for Firestorm)
  3. So, having issues getting voice to work in Firestorm, using a 2016 MacBook Pro - I have been Googling and YouTubing for days and I have tried many things, but still failing. Built-in mic and gaming headset both work in other apps, just not in SL. I have chat enabled, I get a white dot over the avi head, but nothing... silence. Everything on the FS side looks like it should be working, but FS just doesn't seem to notice my system audio inputs, default or otherwise. I am hoping somebody out there maybe has encountered this issue and knows exactly what to do to get it to work? TFYH
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