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  1. what do u mean go to a sandbox? i guess this game is more advanced than most social games like this ive played.
  2. ok i have no place to drag it to as it says im not allowed. how do i get my own room so i can unpack it and open it?
  3. tbh idgaf if hes the pope, if hes underage to be in the ADULT rooms then he shouldnt be allowed. just wrong.
  4. but there should be a way to block younger ones from being able to access it if under the age of majority in their area. just seems like kids r asking to be preyed upon when u allow them into 18+ rooms. i can understand taken adults wanting only friends and sticking to the not so xxx rated rooms, but for young ppl to wanna go into them its like ew. y would u want to?
  5. it said it was a crystal hoverboard. so i figured it was a giant crystal shaped hoverboard. how do i unpack this? im really new and still trying to get a handle on the controls. oh and if it really was an adult room then this guy shouldnt be allowed in here. dont matter if he made the room or what he did with it, 13 and in an 18+ room?! not cutting it.
  6. i found it ingame as i was looking for it on the site like crazy! and i am 27 years old, and have my bday set as such, so y would that ban me from being able to enter?! lmao sucks i have to " re-tell " the game " yea im an adult, let me get my fricken gift that i have no idea how to use except hold in my hand like an idiot! " just weird.
  7. so when i click the link to the weekly gift grab the location shows up as N/A and when i try teleporting to it, im brought back to the last place i was. y bother to have a link and location when its non-existent in the first place?!
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