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  1. Hello interested in the standard sim. Will be contacting you in world shortly
  2. Hello! I am in need of some help. I had a region and canceled it 2 days ago. LL told me it would be up for 7 days prior to my cancellation so I thought I had some time to get all my items because I was moving them to a new sim. My region is gone and all my gachas along with it. They were not returned to my inventory. I cannot get onto the region any longer. I have reloaded my inventory and everything with no luck. Does anyone have any knowledge of what I can do? I had hundreds of dollars worth of items still on the sim.
  3. Selling a full private region. The name must be changed. Give me your best reasonable offer. 245 monthly due the 27th.
  4. Having the SAME ISSUE AT MY SIM. Omg Its been a day almost 2 and LL is taking a bit. They have not gotten back to me at all its just processing.
  5. Yea they are sitting on objects deeded to group. and no all different scripts. but like i said it only happens when I'm on sim. Like the second i log or enter my sim, everyone is made to stand. I myself cannot even ground sit. I get made to stand.
  6. A day and a half ago I logged into SL and was trying to sit on something at my sim, but was unable to. I did not get an error i did not get something saying unable to sit. As soon as my avatar or anyone elses would sit, they would get kicked off the item without prompt. About 10 other people besides myself have looked everywhere for anything off or strange. The only time people can sit is when i disable scripts or when my avatar is not on the sim. I have submitted a ticket to linden labs but they are taking a while and it's making me really anxious. I'm looking to see if anyone has had any experience like this or has any answers because I am completely confused. I have even gone as far as to detached everything from my avatar and it makes no difference.
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