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  1. I could go in so much harder when it comes to organizing but right now I fight to keep it simple. Body Parts - -Full Avis -Mesh Body -Mesh Head -Eyes -Skin -Tatoos Other(there is ALWAYS an other folder tossed into ever category just to hid random things.) Clothes - Accessories -Head -Face/Ears -Hands -Ankles -Makeup -Necklaces -Other Tops Bottoms -Pants -Skirts -Shorts -Omega -Other Dresses Outfits (items that have come with a top and bottom already) Halloween Christmas Hair (this probably should be Body Parts, but..) Shoes Other -Objects Furniture Decor Boxed Yard Other -Animations AOs Poses(a terrible, terrible mess) Dances Sits Stands Other ... I think those are the main areas I use, then there are just random things everywhere in the many 'Other' folders, throughout. Whenever I buy anything new I spend time opening and trying the stuff on and then put it in a somewhat proper place, just to declutter. I also have a hoarding problem, when it comes to group gifts and event gifts and free things.. so I get all these items and rarely remember what everything is, and have not gotten the chance to wear even 50% of everything I have yet. What a shame lol. I'm prepared for any event or occasion but I wouldn't know it, until I dig deep into my inventory and discover things I didn't even know I had.
  2. Too bad I missed this, it sounds like it would of been fun. Maybe I'll get to catch the next one. \^.^/
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