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  1. thanks everyone for your help I can play sl now without any disturbance I tried ethernet cable and it worked thanks again
  2. I read that but I didn't get what the problem is I also noticed that if I keep on teleporting the place then it does not logout me but if I stay at a place for too long then shows the message
  3. my packet loss was 0.4 ping sim was 10000
  4. hey as I told u I get that message of darn ... but still after that I can call someone and talk and I can also hear the background music
  5. Before logging in open Preferences->General->Start Location – Show at Login and enable the option. After closing Preferences, you’ll see a new field by the login button, ‘Start At:’. Try a Linden owned region like Pooley or Furball. I m not able to find start location.. as it Is a advice in blog.nalates
  6. ok I will try that... I will buy a cable today but what about the graphic card .. is my graphic card supporting SL
  7. yup I tried that also but same thing happened
  8. why do I need to buy a new laptop prob is with graphic card ?? right?? you mean buy a cable and connect it to my wifi and then my laptop??
  9. using WIFI so what should I do if I cant change a graphic card mine is intel core i3
  10. I m using a laptop ... and yes none of it worked?
  11. I saw them but they didn't help they say my graphic card is not supporting but didn't tell what should I do if u know pls tell me
  12. whenver I loginto SL it stops after 2 to 3 mins and say darn you have been logout .. but it don't logout it just stops and ask view IM chats or quit everything stops with a grey screen I can see other people but everything get stops and doesn't move but still I can hear music and can also click on other options like change avatar or view destinations but I just cant get teleport to them. what is happenig
  13. ok thanks... so please tell me what should I do... should I buy RADEON RX 480?? or if there is something cheaper then this ?? or some other way ??
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