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  1. Oh, ok thanks for information. User interface is not hard but sometimes, I think very like noob. I try to wear note or "folder" I don't remember, and always gone in my body And the guy, in there said that "cool naked guy showed up" and I apologize for everybody Thanks for information again.
  2. Is wrongly getting naked allowed in G places? I wrongly wear "in-game place note" in G place, and I apologize for everybody in there. I think it should be considered as wardrobe malfunction. Am I think wrongly? Unintented getting naked like this in G places, could results ingame banning?
  3. Hello, I have a question. What is speed camera fine? There are obligation for paying fine? Or just cosmetic item? Thank you.
  4. Thank you all. Yes I ask in form "Can I do" but I want to mention that "is it welcomed by game administration and land owner?" I understand that, it is not good idea for "land owner" even if, their properties are open to enter for everyone. But, I understand that there are no banning from game by game admins for this rude action, aren't there? It is okay, If I want to enter someone's place I will message him/her and ask. I want to develop my programming skill in game, therefore I don't encounter any ban from game administrators (Linden admins) and I take it seriously.
  5. Hello, I'm soo new in this game. I just enter yesterday and wandering around. When I wandering, I entered a house, I used some objects with curiosity; and I figure out some ethical and in-game legal concerns. Can I enter someone's house without any permission from object owner (house, land) and Can I use objects (fridge, owen, bad) without permission from him? If I did these, could I get banned from game? Thank you! Have a good day? Edit: "Thank you all.Yes I ask in form "Can I do" but I want to mention that "is it welcomed by game administration and land owner?"I understa
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