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  1. it was suggested by a friend that i should delete this post, so seeya.
  2. Ok, so I have split up the mesh, and TRYING to get the seams correct, not to mention mirrored, for my custom body. It uses SL/Linden Lab UVs, just like any Omega based body. Unfortunately, this process is very tedious, and I can't even get passable results, let alone good or perfect results. Trying to match up the middle of the back by splitting up the mesh. It's a lot of clumsy trial and error, and I was wondering if someone had any idea of an easier way.
  3. Ok, I was able to fix it by copying the neck geometry EXACTLY from the Avastar. I didn't realize I'd have to do such a thing, but oh well.
  4. It's... not letting me. I select to copy the weights from Avastar, and I make sure to select "head" in addition to "upper body" and "lower body", but I see no "mHead" in my vertex groups... In fact, there appears to be no weights for mHead at all, even on the Avastar, which is confusing to me, because the head responds to the "Head" bone. EDIT: If I try to adjust the "Bone Fitting Strength" for the "Head" bone manually in the Avastar tab under the "Fitting" tab, the mesh explodes.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm posting today about my mesh body I am making. It's fitmesh, it's bento, and sadly the neck is giving me issues. When I look at the weights on the Avastar mesh and copy those weights to my custom body - even when I use the exact correct neck-piece of geometry from the Avastar - there is a gap between my custom body's neck and my CATWA Bento female head. Here's a picture of how the weights look for Avastar's neck: And, here's the weights for my custom body's neck: And here's the neck inworld when my avatar turns it's head
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